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Bahamas Diving

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Bahamas diving

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Bahamas diving 


Bahamas diving and it's 700 Islands offer an array of dive experiences like no other destination in the world. There are sunken Spanish galleons, inland blue holes, caves and forest-like coral reefs, teeming with marine life including dolphins, sharks and rays. 

Tropical but can be affected by North American cold air systems and the months of June to November constitute the hurricane season. The weather does influence travel decisions and often, inaccurate reporting of information on hurricanes results in needless cancellations by U.S. travellers. Many Bahamas hoteliers have instituted a Hurricane Hotel Policy for vacationers which states that visitors who cancel a Bahamas vacation during a hurricane will receive an immediate refund with no penalties. If caught on-island during a hurricane, they would be extended the lowest possible rate and all possible courtesies. 

Average daily air temperature during the year: 62-89 f.
Average Water temperature: 74-86 f.
Coldest time: December and January
Warmest time: July and August

Best times for Diving: All year round

Diving highlights:
The Bahamas are a paradise for divers! Very famous for it's good visibility and lots of variety of dives like caves; walls and wrecks. One of the few destinations in the world where you can dive with wild dolphins. Shark dives are also often offered. A destination to go and go again ... worth it by liveaboard and land operations.

I just wrote a few highlights but you can find more in the regional pages or in the dive center and liveaboard websites.

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