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Grand Cayman diving

Grand Cayman is the biggest of the Cayman Islands. There are over 200 dive sites to choose from just in the Grand Cayman. The choice is wide but wherever you dive you will not be disappointed. Shallow and deep dives are available. You can do wall dives, reef dives, shore dives and also wreck diving. The Grand Cayman is indeed known for it’s spectacular wall dives. Plenty of marine life and the sheer number of stingrays here is amazing.

Always dive according to your level of training. Never enter the water without checking with the local dive center for safety, additional information, level required for each dive site and without being accompanied by a professional.

All the information provided is purely informative for our readers and shouldn't be used as is to plan your immersion

Grand Cayman has many dive sites to choose from and some are still being discovered. You will find walls that exhibit colourful sponges and corals, reefs teeming with marine life and some interesting wrecks. There is of course Stingray City that's a must when visiting the Grand Cayman. As it is a shallow site at only 12 feet (4 metres) it is suitable for snorkelling.

The diving areas in Grand Cayman can basically be divided into four parts: East End, West End, North Side and George Town.

The East End has plenty of shore diving and both shallow and deep dives. Here you can dive on sites like the Grouper's Grotto that is a shallow site suitable for beginners too. There are lots of groupers here as the name suggests and colourful underwater scenery. The Maze on the East End is a deep dive more for the experienced diver. This site is characterized by lots of swim-throughs and caves which end up in the blue.

West End has good conditions for diving and the sea is mostly calm. Different kinds of diving are possible here namely, shore, reef wall and wreck diving. There’s plenty of marine life and for wreck enthusiasts the new Kittiwake Wreck that was recently sunk.

George Town has a lot of popular sites with lots of colourful coral and rich underwater life. The turtle Farm is an interesting place to visit while in George Town. There’s a great population of turtles to see. A wide choice of dive sites are available and the Balboa wreck is located just outside George Town Harbour. It’s an easy wreck to dive and is in shallow waters.

The North Side boasts lovely beaches and offers lots of shore diving. There are walls and reefs reachable on a short boat ride that have great diving. Here you will have the opportunity to dive on the North Wall.

There are a lot of dive operations on Grand Cayman and whatever your diving needs are you will find something that corresponds. The schools offer diving courses at various levels and diving outings, both shore and boat. As the island is not so big most of the sites are reachable by a short boat ride. So don’t feel confined if you’re in a particular area of the island, outings can be organised by boat to distant sites.

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