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Scuba diving in Perth

Perth is the capital of the Western Australia County and offers many kinds of water sports. Its special location makes access to many dive sites around the area easy. Many exciting Wrecks are located here. The famous Rottnest Island, which is great for both snorkeling and diving is located here.

Always dive according to your level of training.
Never enter the water without checking with Perth diving centers for safety, additional information, level required for each dive site and without being accompanied by a professional.
All the information provided is purely informative for our readers and shouldn't be used as is to plan your immersion.

Average annual temperature: Between 17°C and 31°C (63°F to 89°F)
Average Visibility: Good from 32 feet to 98 feet (10 - 30 meters)
Coldest time: July
Warmest time: August
Possible to dive all year round.

Perth is considered one of the frequently visited placed by scuba divers It has some special wrecks that attracts divers of all levels of expertise. Near Perth there is the famous Rottnest Island which has many interesting dive sites. The Island is cahrecterised by massive limestone caverns and tunnels interspersed with wide spaces of sea grass, sponges and soft corals. Rottnest Island offers perfect diving conditions regardless of weather. The underwater scenery is great, lots of marine life and fantastic swim-throughs. A wide variety of aqua life inhabits the areas dive sites including damselfish, leatherjackets, blennies, yellowtails and beautiful finger sponges check the Australia diving photos.

Some of Perth dive sites.

HMAS Perth is an ex Australian navy vessel. It was scuttled in (35 meters) of water in 2001. It is an interesting dive site with a wide array of marine life.

Roe Reef is a novice reef dive. It is at a depth of 49 feet (15 meters). There are some great limestone caves with great visibility and a wide variety of aqua life.

Woodman Point is a shore dive site at a depth of 26 feet (8 meters). The marine life is varied. You will see damselfish, leatherjackets, blennies, yellowtails and boxfish by large numbers. There is a great chance of seeing octopuses.

D9 Wreck lies in 42 feet (13 meters) of water. The site has a great visibility and suitable for open water divers. It can be accessed by boat.

Lady Elizabeth Wreck is a well protected dive site. It is at a depth of 19 to 29 feet (6 to 9 meters). It is a novice dive site.

The wooden Barge lies on the sandy bottom of the reef. There. There are many kinds of small fish inhabits the wreck.

Orizaba is a 140 meters long vessel sank in 13 to 22 feet (4 to 7 meters) of water. It is a beginner dive site but you are advised to check conditions first before diving.

Transit Wreck Australia is a beautiful wreck site at a depth ranging from 23 to 29 feet (7 to 9 meters). The site has good visibility and is great for underwater photography.

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