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Kadavu Island dive guide

Kadavu Island diving

Kadavu is located only 88 kilometers to the south of Suva the capital of Fiji. It is considered the fourth largest island in Fiji and the largest among the islands in the Great Astorable Reef. Kadavu’s clear water is home to abundant marine life and many colored soft and hard corals. You will encounter mantas, turtles, jacks and tuna as well as sharks, grouper, sea snakes, rays and many more in its beautiful sites. It has some of the best dive sites located in this area like Cabbage Patch, Canyon and Sea Fan Alley for drift diving fans.

Always dive according to your level of training.
Never enter the water without checking with the local dive center for safety, additional information, level required for each dive site and without being accompanied by a professional.
All the information provided is purely informative for our readers and shouldn't be used as is to plan your immersion.

Average temperature: 24°C (75 °F).
Average Water surface temperature:  30°C (86 °F).
Visibility often averaging: Visibility is between 10 and 40 feet (3 to 12 meters).
Best time to visit: August to October
Possible to dive all year round.

Kadavu is considered one of the best places for coral diving in Fiji. The Great Astrolabe Reef is the main feature that characterizes diving in Kadavu. It is the forth barrier reef in the world with a length of 100 km. It shows off the beauty of a variety of stunning hard coral outer reef slopes in wondrous colors, and steep soft coral drop-offs. Coral formations make the reef alive with pink, yellow colors. There are numerous buoyed sites such as Evil Trench on the famous Namalatta Reefs which are just 15 minutes away by boat.

Encounters with mantas in Kadavu are an unforgettable experience.  There are some sites where mantas can be seen regularly. The size of the mantas vary but some have even reach 20 feet (6 metres) of width! There is a site where there are mantas almost all the time and it is referred to as the Manta Reef. This is located to the south of the island and the possibility to dive there is dependent on the weather.

What makes Kadavu a great place for several days diving is the fact that there are several passages, submerged pinnacles, a large diversity of marine life and manta ray cleaning stations located in its dive sites. The diversity Nacomoto Passage is located on the Astorable Reef. This reef, the 4th largest barrier reef in the world is approximately 100km long. Here you will find steep drop offs of soft coral and impressive hard coral outer reefs. This site consists of Eagle Rock which gets its name from groups of eagle rays around its bommies and cabbage patch.  It is home to reef sharks, barracuda and turtles. In cabbage patch you can find the biggest cabbage coral patches.

Drift diving is one of the best ways to enjoys some of its dive sites like Sea Fan Alley ; which is 30 meters deep (98 feet). You may encounter some beautiful creatures like schools of barracuda, clown triggerfish and turtles, manta rays, hammer heads as well as sea fans with a mixture of hard and soft corals. Cabbage Patch is another interesting drift diving site at a depth of 20 meters (65 feet). The beauty of this site is in underwater gardens of a lot of pristine cabbage coral. There are a lot of swim throughs at this site and it is home to sea snakes, clown fish, manta rays and eagle rays. Dive in 11 swim throughs and watch the amazing formations of corals and sea life at the Crazy Maze dive site. The dive site located on Namalata Reef; it is also a great site for drift diving fans the depth varies between 3 to 18 meters (10 to 59 feet).

For some deep diving, Evil Trench is the site to dive. It is at a depth of 35 meters (114 feet) and more. There are beautiful rock formations in here as well as wahoo, schools of jack and groupers.

If you like cavern formations visit Broken Stone. There is an endless series of tunnels, arches and canyons to explore at this site. It is at a depth of 5 to 18 meters (16 to 59 feet).

For the organization of your dives and advice, there are diving centers on place with guides and instructors who will readily work out programs to correspond to your needs. Diving instruction at various levels is made available.

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