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Wrecks - Rosalie Moller Wreck

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Rosalie Moller Wreck

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Added: 2005-10-20 - Displayed 8431 times
Album: Wrecks
Title:Rosalie Moller Wreck
Author: Kimmo Hagman  home
Description: Bow, Rosalie Moller Wreck, The Rosalie Moller was just such a ship. Built in Glasgow by Barclay Curle & Co, she was launched as the "Francis" in January 1910 and went into immediate service with the Booth Shipping Line. She was a smart ship for her day - which after all, was at a time when the much loved sailing ship was barely a thing of the past. She was 108.2m long and displaced 3,960 tons. Her triple expansion engines produced a very credible 10 knots, sunk in on 10th October 1941, Egypt, Red Sea
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