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Marine Conservation projects in the UK


Marine Conservation Zones coming soon to the south-west .

Thanks to the Marine and Coastal Access Bill new Marine Conservation Zones could be coming to your area soon. Four projects have now been set up around England to help divers and other sea users have a voice in deciding where these zones should go, and what activities should be restricted in them. These projects are: Finding Sanctuary in the south-west, Balanced Seas in the south-east, Net Gain for the North Sea and Irish Sea Conservation Zones for the Irish Sea.

If you dive in the south-west Finding Sanctuary is asking you to share your information about which areas of sea are important to you. ‘Why would I want to do that’, you ask yourself?

As a diver you have unrivalled knowledge of sea areas around the south-west and you will probably want to recommend that some sites are protected because they are particularly special to you. In some Marine Conservation Zones, take by recreational users including divers could be restricted. However, by contributing your information and thoughts you are ensuring that your interests can be taken into account during the planning of these new protected areas.

There are two ways you can get involved to have your say:
1. Visit the Interactive Map
2. Call Finding Sanctuary on 01392 878 340 and arrange to meet your nearest liaison officer who will help you to map the areas which are important to you.

If you dive in other parts of the country get in touch with your nearest project.

Finding Sanctuary
Tel: 01392 878 340

Balanced Seas
Tel: 01227 827 839

North Sea
Net Gain (website under construction)
Tel: 01482 382 007

Irish Sea
Irish Sea Conservation Zones
Tel: 01925 813 200

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