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Puerto Vallarta dive guide


Puerto Vallarta diving offers a vatiety of diving for both the beginner and more experienced divers. It's part of the beautiful Bahia de Banderas (or Bay of Flags), on the Mexican Riviera and hosts the bottleneck dolphin, giant manta rays and and abundant tropical fish.
The marine life at Puerto Vallarta is quite similar to that found in the Sea of Cortez. The bay is host to humpback whales and Whales sharks from December to April.

The three Islands Los Arcos, Majahuitas and the Marietas are especially rich in marine-life and they have been designated as protected, underwater national parks.

Los Arcos "The Arches" offers more diversity of tropical life than any other site in the entire bay. Diving on this site is like going into a huge aquarium filled with with friendly tropical fish. There are several sites going from 30-60 feet/9-18 meters, and provides something special for all levels of divers. The more experienced divers doing a deeper dive will find very varied terrain. The western side of Los Arcos has an area called "Devil's Canyon". The beginning of the drop starts at 60 feet/18 meters giving experienced divers a great wall dive, combined with the deep blue abyss that lies below.

Majahuitas is a coved area, near the shore, with a gradual slope and is populated by friendly schools of tropical fish.It's a good spot for novice divers due to its shallow depths and abundance of aquatic life. Majahuitas is a popular and easy dive with something for everyone. Dive depths go down to approximately 120 feet/36 meters.

The Las Marietas Islands are located close to the northern end of the Bay of Banderas has a variety of caves, reefs and drop-offs. Las Mariettas with depths going to aprroximately 75 feet/22 meters is one of the most popular and visited areas, for scuba diving and snorkeling, in the Mexican Pacific.

Other interesting dives are found at Colomitos and El Chimo

Colomitos is a small cove, located just around the bend from Boca de Tomatlan. It offers a great dive experience with a sharply-sloped underwater hillside where you can observe a variety of aquatic creatures living among the embedded rocks and boulders that are precariously perched along its walls. Depths are from 30 to 120 feet/9-36 meters.

El Chimo dive site is located near the southern end of the Bay of Banderas and is considered to count among the best dive sites in the entire bay. The remote area is usually full of marine life of all kinds from giant mantas, dolphins, whales and turtles to the beautiful Moorish Idols, Sargeant-Majors, and delicate sea-horses.
The dpths vary from 15 to 120 feet/5-36 meters and currents are not rare. For this reason Chimo is more appropriate for more experienced divers.

The entire south side of the Bay of Banderas is excellent for snorkeling and scuba diving as the Sierra Madre Mountains extend directly into the ocean. Although just any spot in this area is good for diving where you can always be sure to see loads of small, tropical life feeding off of the wall formations note that these rugged walls are accessible only by boat.

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