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Pattaya Diving

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Pattaya dive guide


Pattaya diving is varied, has many island dive sites for different levels of experience.
There are several kinds of soft and hard corals, lots of marine life and several interesting wrecks. The principle scuba diving areas around Pattaya are located in what is referred to as the "Far Islands", a second ring of islands approximately 15 kilometers (9 miles) from Pattaya.

Always dive according to your level of training. Check with your dive center for safety, additional information and level required for each dive site before entering the water.

Diving in Pattaya is possible all year round.

The Near Islands Koh Sak, Koh Larn and Koh Krok are a group of three islands about 6 km (about 4 miles) off Pattaya. The far Islands although some distance away from Pattaya, the diving is really worth the longer trip.

Some near Island dive sites are:

Koh Sak which comprises of two dive sites, Koh Sak East and Koh Sak West. These dives are easy ones as they start in a sheltered bay and are therefore suitable for beginners. However divers should be aware of current flow as they can be strong sometimes.
The west side has mainly hard coral and moray eels can be seen. The eastern side has a very nice dive site cahracterised by concrete cubes at a depth of 10 metres(33 feet). Look out for stingrays and turtles and giant pufferfish.

Koh Krok is good for drift diving as the tidal flow can be strong. Lots of soft coral and anemones feed off the current here and anemone fish is regularly seen.

Koh Larn, the largest of the three inner islands, has two principle dive sites, Shark point and Koh Larn Vak. Shark Point is a good place to see juvenile tawny nurse and bamboo sharks.
Koh Larn Vak
is famous for the underwater restaurant. The restaurant wasn't supposed to be underwater but some questionable engineering caused the restaurant to sink into the depths. Currents on this dive can be strong.

Some far Island dive sites:

Submarine Rock is composed of a rock that ressembles a submarine and has lots of brightly coloured sea fans, soft corals and barrel sponges. Turtles and rays have been seen here.

Koh Hu Chang made of twin rock formations is characterised by hard coral, lots of small fish life and anemones. A shallow dive.

Koh Klung Badan, characterised by staghorn and plate corals this reef has multiple coral heads housing invertebrates, crustaceans and christmas tree worms.

Koh Man Wichai consists of two dives sites. One spot "the fingers" is made up of a set of rocks at about 12 metres (39 feet) with nice corals and lots of fish. The second is a wall with big patches of hard and soft coral. You can spot butterfly fish and angelfish here.

For wreck lovers there are some real treats here:
HTMS Khram Wreck, formerly the USS LSM 469 and lying at 30 metres (98 feet) is a decommissioned warship sunk by the Thai navy in 2003 to create an artificial breeding ground for marine life.

Petchaburi Bremen
The Petchaburi Bremen is an 88 metre (299 feet) long Thai cargo steel ship that went down in the 1930's and attracts large schools of yellow tail snappers and barracuda especially during slack tide. A good dive fopr advanced divers but beware the currents can be strong.

The Hardeep is a 42 meter-long (137 feet) Indonesian freighter that sank in 1942. This is a very popular dive, however be warned that currents can be strong here but are a lot milder when you're down at the wreck.To date the wreck is still and quiet save for the masses of tropical fish who have made it their home.

The Pak I also known as the Vertical Wreck first sank in 1996 in a heavy storm around 50km ( 31 miles) off the coast of Koh Chang in an almost vertical position with the stern on the seabed almost 60 metres (197 feet) below and the bow just 5m (16 feet) from the surface. The visibility is over 30 meters (98 feet), and there are large schools of jack, tuna, and great barracuda.

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