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Wrecks of the Philippines

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The Philippines are famous for great diving. Beside amazing reefs they are as also a paradise for wreck lovers.
One of the most popular wreck diving destinations is Coron Bay due to the fact that in September 1944 a Japanese supply fleet anchored in Coron Bay were sunk during an US Navy airstrike. But Subic Bay, Malapascua and other regions also have numerous wreck dive sites at their disposal

Wreck of Irako Irako Wreck

The Irako is probably the most famous wreck of the Philippines. The Japanese refrigeration ship was already damaged before reaching Coron Bay. During the US airstrike on 24. September 1944 it was hit by bombs and sank.

Wreck of Okikawa Maru Okikawa Maru Wreck

The Okikawa Maru was a civilian tanker going from Manila to Coron Bay, just 2 days before the US Navy attack in September 1944. At that time the ship was hit by bombs, heavily damaged and floated in that area for about 3 weeks until it was finally hit again in another air strike. After huge explosions in the bow section it sank.

Wreck of Akitsushima Akitsushima Wreck

The Akitsushima is the only Japanese warship that sunk in Coron Bay in September 1944. The seaplane tender was anchoring near Manglet Island. It was armed with 10 anti air craft guns (25mm) and 4 five inch guns and it carried a large flying boat.

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