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Akitsushima Wreck


Wreck of the Akitsushima

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Check with your dive center to have all necessary information for safety!
Always dive according to that and to the current conditions!

Wreck Akitsushima

Today the Akitsushima wreck with a length of 118m and a width of 16 is lying on its port side in a depth between 17m and 38m.

When the ship was hit by an aircraft towards the stern directly in the area where the seaplane was stationed, it was almost torn into two pieces and sank immediately. There is only remaining half of the steel of the starboard side and the bottom of the vessel that prevents the stern from breaking off the rest of the hull. The destructions in the interior are immense.

When diving along the deck you still can see the intact crane on the bottom at the stern that was used to bring the seaplane into and out of the water. It is home to large schools of barracuda and batfish. Even though they were damaged by the bomb the flying boat tracks are clearly recognizable. Further towards the bow you can find the armament system mountings.
The impressive wreck is covered with corals and sponges and surrounded by various marine life. Giant groupers, barracudas and yellow fin tunas as well as smaller reef fish and millions of glass fish hiding in the wreck.

Because of the depth and metal obstacles inside the wreck the penetration of the Akitsushima is only allowed to experienced divers who have a wreck specialty. Interesting to visit is the crane operating machinery in the stern and the engine room with its four engines.

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