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:: Travel news
Plan now for the Heron Island dive festival taking place  25 July to 29 July 2012
:: Equipment news
Oceanic launches the VT 4.0 computer
Mares introduces the Bungee Strap for fins
:: Education news
SSI Launches the “Everything Diving” Phone App
:: Marine conservation 
A few easy steps to start contributing to the conservation of our planet and seas
:: New offers from the last minute board
Go diving in Puerto Rico's warm waters
Dive the 3 Great Wrecks The Zenobia, The Alaxandria and the Liberty, Cyprus
Leyte Dive Resort is offering diving for small groups. Great muck diving for macro
:: Diving business owner and webmaster corner
How to find out the best place for your advertising.
Travel news
The Heron Island dive festival 2012 will take place 25 July to 29 July
Heron Island is celebrating its status as one of Australia's top dive destinations with the Heron Island Dive Festival. Heron is known the world over for its excellent Great Barrier Reef dive sites, fantastic coral gardens and pinnacles, all just minutes from the beach. Join us for the experience of a lifetime.
There will be a series of inspirational presentations

In the water
Dives and snorkelling:
2 dives per day and option of a night dive.
Discover Scuba and novice dive courses, each morning for those not certified.
Guided snorkelling tours off the beach and at the spectacular dive sites.
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Equipment news
Oceanic has launched the VT 4.0
The VT 4.0 is the brandnew highend computer of the Oceanic line. It has a lot of new features, for instance a 3-axis digital compass or the option to use up to four transmitters, which make the VT 4.0 really special.
This diversity of features combined with the Oceanic Dual Algorithm™ are unique on the market.
On top of all its features the VT 4.0 has a perfect readability of the dot matrix display, which can be adapted to the divers needs. The new VT 4.0 is the perfect buddy for any ambitious diver.

• Dual Algorithm™, DSAT und PZ+
• Dot-Matrix-Display
• 3-Axis Digital Compass
• Display may be personalized
• Up to four transmitters can be used
• Shortcut direct step to a specific menu and more...
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The Bungee Strap from Mares
The bungee strap system is tailored specifically to each fin size, therefore Mares have designated them as XS/S, R and XL. The length of the bungee is 18, 21 and 24cm, respectively, and in this configuration will fit the vast majority of divers. However, there may be instances when an extension may be welcome, such as when the user is at the upper limit of the foot size range for the given fin size and/or is using thick boots (dry suit or sneaker sole type wet boots). For this purpose we have included one extender per bungee, which increases the length of the strap by 1.5cm (hence splitting the difference to the next size). We strongly suggest first using the bungee strap system without the extender and verifying the fit in this configuration first. Only if the bungee seems excessively tight do we suggest to mount the extender. It is irrelevant whether this extender is mounted on the right or the left side.
With the new Mares bungee strap, donning and doffing a fin is a breeze, and the comfort during the dive is guaranteed by the new ergonomic heel cover.
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Education news
SSI Launches the “Everything Diving” Phone App
Scuba Schools International (SSI) the premier education and business support company is proud to release the NEW “Everything Diving” App for IPhone and Android Smartphones.

Everything Diving – Free, easy to install, intuitive and “everything” a diver needs at home and abroad.

The contents are:
• Your SSI certifications – Proof of certification on your mobile device anytime and anywhere.
• Important Checklists For Scuba – Equipment and Buddy Check list, Dive Planning, Using your Computer and First Aid.
• Hand Signal Review
• SSI Dive Tables for Air and Nitrox
• First Aid and Neuro Assessment Flow Chart
• SSI Dive Center and Resort Search with a Complete Description of their Services
• And many more Features to come in Future Updates

“It used to be that printed manuals were enough to satisfy the needs of our customers. Today in a digital world, customers have become more demanding in terms of options to learn and services to use. 
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Marine conservation 
Contribute to marine conservation by following these few easy steps
Spread the word. You can inspire a community of ocean stewards by simply sharing yourlove of the ocean with others. You can make people aware of environmental issues by sharing books, articles and websites and having discussions about them. Be the ocean expert in your "virtual community" and use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, virtual environmental book clubs and e-mail to communicate for conservation. Each person you inspire to action magnifies your positive impact!

Make your voice heard. The power of the pen (or keyboard) is a simple, yet effective way to have your opinions heard. Contacting your elected officials (e.g. your US representatives) is always a good idea, to let them know how you feel about environmental issues or ask them to work to protect our ocean. It also keeps them on their toes! This month you can help with national ocean policy. Last month the White House released for public comment the first-ever National Ocean Policy draft implementation plan, which identifies key actions that will move us toward comprehensive ocean planning. Click here to learn more and provide comments (due by Feb. 27, 2012). Even if only brief and general comments about wanting stronger ocean protection, your added voice will help! 

Get involved. Contact your local conservation organizations and agencies to find out how you can volunteer in your community. Volunteers are critical to conserving our oceans, and restoration projects are always in need of extra hands. You can help to improve your local stream, river, or lake and ultimately our shared ocean by cleaning beaches or restoring habitats; even assisting environmental groups with mailings and data entry is ultimately helping our ocean. 
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New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Puerto Rico
Precise date of beginning 08/01/2012 
Precise date of ending 12/31/2012 
Number. of available places 8 
Diving 180 degrees from the ordinary, Finally a dive operation that caters to your needs whatever they may be. Dive when you want, where you want, how you want and as often as you want. Our speciality is small private groups of experienced divers and dive clubs/dive shops/dive travel groups. We have no outside clients, only private groups. Complete “turnkey” operation including transfers to and from airport, accommodations, diving and courtesy van/car.

Price 355 EUR 
Month of trip April 
Precise date of beginning 01/04/2012 
Precise date of ending 31/05/2012 
5 Days Diving with 7 nights B&B at Windmills Apartments Price includes: All equipment required, Airport collection and return. 5 Days diving (2 dives per day) 3 Great Wrecks The Zenobia, The Alaxandria and the Liberty

Month of trip March 
Precise date of beginning march 1 
Precise date of ending march31 
Number of available places 4 
Leyte Dive Resort is located in the central part of Sogod Bay,and is perfect for small groups of people looking for privacy and intimacy.We offer great muck diving for macro enthusiast at our local dive sites. We offer 20% Discount per Dive. March 1 to March 31,2012


Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!

Diving business owner and webmaster corner

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This way you will be sure that no-one will tell you stories about their success.
Scuba Promotion is specialized in teh scuba diving industry and has been helping people follow their statistics and get the most out of their business.
Start taking advantage now by visiting the Scubapromotion website


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