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Scuba Bulletin April 2010 a service of


:: Announcing Cayman underwater film festival photo contest 
Enrol now for the Cayman Island 2010 Underwater Film Festival Photo Contest. 
:: Breaking news 
Oceans' tiniest life discovered
:: Travel news
Bonaire's Dive Into Summer 2010 event 
:: Equipment news
Mares announces the new PRO FLEX snorkel 
Free Zip Seals are being offered on all DUI drysuits
:: Education news
DAN Offers Free Webinars in New Outreach Initiative
:: Marine Conservation 
Reduce waste while cleaning and Turn the tide for the turtles
Protect our Coral Sea. Create the world's largest marine protected area
:: New offers from the last minute board
Utopia Village, Honduras is announcing their fall special
Great 1 week Liveaboard in the pristine Maldives
Comfort Viaggi is offering Diving,  Cultural Trips and Honeymoon Packages, in Maldives
:: From the web
Read about MCS, an organization fully dedicated to protecting our marine environment. They have many projects that involve the public
Cayman underwater film festival photo contest 
The Cayman Island's 2010 Underwater Film Festival Photo Contest is accepting submissions. If you have been to the Cayman islands recently and taken some nice underwater photographs this could be a great opportunity for you. All images in this competition must be from the Cayman Islands and the prizes are nice, including a few dive trips. You need to act fast though because the deadline is January 25th. To see the guidelines, prize information and entry form go to:
Breaking news

An unprecedented number of tiny, ocean dwelling organisms have been catalogued by researchers involved in a global survey of the world's oceans.

One of the highlights was the discovery of a vast "microbial mat", covering an area equivalent to the size of Greece. 
Microbes are estimated to constitute up to 90% of all marine biomass. 

The findings form part of the Census of Marine Life (CoML), a decade-long project that will present its full results in October. 

"In no other realm of ocean life has the magnitude of Census discovery been as extensive as in the world of microbes," said Mitch Sogin, leader of the International Census of Marine Microbes 

"Scientists are discovering and describing an astonishing new world of marine microbial diversity and abundance." 
The ICoMM was one of four of the Census's projects that focused on "hard to see" marine organisms. 

The team, involving researchers from the Netherlands and the US, collected samples from more than 1,200 locations, which resulted in the compilation of a dataset containing in excess of 18 million DNA sequences. 
CoML researchers suggested that the total number of marine microbes, based on molecular characterisation, could be in the region of one billion species. 

They added that the micro-organisms were vital for sustaining life on Earth, as they are responsible for about 95% of respiration in the oceans. 
"They play a really critical role in keeping the oceans working," said Paul Snelgrove, leader of CoML's Synthesis Group. 
"Certainly, life in the oceans - and then life on Earth - would collapse very quickly without the microbes." 
To read full article:

Travel news
The fourth Bonaire Dive Into Summer from June 1 through September 30, 2010

Bonaire's Tourism Corporation Bonaire is pleased to announce "Bonaire Dive Into Summer 2010" event.
The fourth Bonaire Dive Into Summer, a four-month long event taking place  will feature a myriad of activities. 

Throughout the summer guest speakers and special events and activities focusing on diving, eco-oriented activities, music and fun will be featured. Bonaire Dive Into Summer will also feature specially priced packages for various events, specialty topics and one-of-a-kind events. Furthermore, many accommodation and activity providers of Bonaire offer special Bonaire Dive Into Summer package deals with attractive discounts. 

In this year’s Bonaire Dive Into Summer program, new events have been added to create a jam-packed four-month-long celebration of diving on Bonaire. There is a great diversity in the activities that are scheduled, with local markets and food fairs, art, music, and cultural activities, as well as photo contests and nature events when visitors can 
pitch in and make a difference. 
To read more:

Equipment news

Pro Flex ... Join comfort and ease
The new PRO FLEX snorkel has been designed for the ultimate comfortable underwater experience. Made with Bi-material technology, the PRO FLEX is very flexible. It can easily be folded and stored in your BCD vest pocket and can be removed with ease. It has been ergonomically designed to fit the contour along the side of your head without any discomfort and zero airflow interruptions. The soft material creates a worry free adventure. The mouthpiece of the PRO FLEX has been developed in a highly recognized Orthodontic Lab for ultimate comfort. Overall the PRO FLEX snorkel is the most comfortable, worry free snorkel there is, creating for a wonderful underwater experience.
Read more:


Free Zip Seals on all DUI drysuits
Through 31, July, 2010, DUI is offering free zipseals on all new drysuits.
ZipSeals – a DUI patented innovation - gives divers the ability to change out their seals in less than a minute. A $300 value!
Flexible polyurethane ZipRings are installed on the neck and wrist. Each suit comes with a set of latex wrist and neck ZipSeals installed on the suit.

This promotion is available at all  DUI Dealers in North America and it is available on all DUI drysuits from the top-of-the-line Signature Series to the lower-priced shoulder-entry drysuits. It even includes the Tropical Series drysuits and the New Flx Extreme!
Read more:

Education news
DAN Offers Free Webinars in New Outreach Initiative

Technology Allows Divers to Interact with DAN in Real Time

In an effort to make itself ever more available to divers, DAN® is offering a new outreach program that utilizes live webinar technology to interact with dive clubs, dive groups, medical professionals or anyone else who wants to have DAN present at an event. Available at no cost to event hosts, the webinars allow an audience to participate in a presentation followed by a real-time question-and-answer session. Presentation topics can be chosen by DAN or requested by the event coordinator.

“What’s fantastic about this approach is how it allows us to fulfill the needs of the audience,” said Marty McCafferty, a DAN medical information specialist and coordinator of the project. “Even if we’re presenting a topic suggested by DAN, the real-time Q and A gives divers the chance to discuss what’s really on their minds and address concerns that pertain directly to them.”

The development of the outreach program is in response to a consistently overwhelming number of requests for DAN personnel to appear at various events at every level, from dive groups to medical seminars. Because of both logistics and budget limitations, it’s been impossible to fulfill more than a fraction of the requests received — until now.

Already the webinar program has proven so successful that DAN has participated in dive club meetings from Florida to the South Pacific and even has a standing monthly lecture series with a group in Cozumel.

Read more:
Marine Conservation 
Let's all reduce waste while cleaning and Turn the tide for the turtles!!
It's simple, if you do buy commercial cleaning products, make sure to avoid those labelled dangerous or poisonous, they likely contain ingredients that can be deadly for all sorts of life. Instead, purchase non-toxic household cleaners in concentrated or bulk versions to reduce packaging waste. Using fewer disposable products benefits the ocean. Save old socks and shirts to use as washable rags for cleaning and dusting. Paper towel production costs trees and most times involves bleaching with chlorine that pollutes waterways. Plastics are nearly all oil-based — they pollute our waterways, choke animals and are creating a sea of plastic. Remember, every effort however small it may seem, makes a huge difference.

Protect our Coral Sea. Create the world's largest marine protected area. 
Project AWARE Foundation is calling on all AWARE Divers and supporters to 
join the Protect our Coral Sea campaign and create the world's largest marine protected area. 

The Coral Sea, off the north east of Australia, is one of the last remaining places on Earth where large marine animals can still be found in great numbers. Yet less than one percent is fully protected. 

The Australian government is considering the future of the Coral Sea. Recent international studies have highlighted that the Coral Sea is one of the last remaining areas of the world's oceans where large-scale and biologically rich ecosystems remain relatively intact. 

Your help is needed to establish a fully protected marine park and secure the future of this unique and diverse region.

New offers from the last minute board
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price:  999US$
Utopia Village announces our Fall Special. Take advantage of these great rates posted to help stimulate tourism in The Bay Islands. Fall packages starting at just $799 plus tax Non-Diver and $999 plus tax diver. Utopia Village is a remote serene eco resort set on the edge of a pristine reef system. All shore diving is complimentary and unlimited. Enjoy 7n/8d king or double full accommodations, 3 meals daily, five days 2 tank boat dives and much more! 
Month of trip August 
Precise date of beginning: August 1, 2010 
Precise date of ending: November 30, 2010 
Several places available.

Price: 1155US$
Month of trip May 
Departure Every Saturday to Saturday Price includes: All above rates quoted in US$ Per Pax 7 night none-commissionable inclusive of: - Meeting at Airport . All Applicable Taxes per person per day. Full board meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) per person per day 3 dive per day including tank, weight & dive guide Return Transport (Airport / Liveaboards / Airport) Island Hopping ... 
Precise date of beginning: 1.05.2010 
Precise date of ending: 31.10.2010 
Nbr. of available places 16

Price 500 US$
We (Comfort Viaggi) organize Surf Trips, Diving Trips, Cultural Trips and 
Honeymoon Packages in Maldives . We provide all services to make of your 
Holiday an unforgettable one; we offer you the Best Resorts and Safari 
Boats, the Best tour Guides, Assistance 24/7 during all your stay, 
experience the best Surf and Diving instructors, in Maldives; All our 
Staff is trained to ensure that our clients can spend the perfect holiday 
the way they wish. Our Packages starting from US$ 500
Month of trip May 
Precise date of beginning: 01/05/2010 
Precise date of ending: 30/09/2010 
Nbr. of available places 75

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!

MCS Protecting the environment

MCS is an organization dedicated to protecting our enviromnent.

They are doing a great deal of effort in Marine Conservation.
What do they do?
They work to curb the problem of over fishing. Because we are taking fish out of the sea faster than they can be replenished.  It is not just how many fish we are catching, but how we catch them...

Some fishing methods take far more fish than we use – discarding alarming quantities of unwanted, young, dead fish back into the sea, and some fishing activities can seriously damage our fragile seabed habitats, killing other sea life such as dolphins, seals and birds in the process. MCS is working with all aspects of the fisheries and aquaculture industries to try and find solutions to these problems.

Saving our disappearing wildlife

Our oceans support an estimated ten million species, only three percent of which have been identified. But our rich ocean wildife is being depleted, disappearing before we have even had the chance to learn about it. We are losing biodiversity at a rate never witnessed before, at huge cost to ourselves, and leaving a degraded environment that leaves wildlife vulnerable in the face of change.

Sea life around the coast of the British Isles is just as colourful, fascinating and beautiful as that found anywhere else in the world. Our underwater landscapes are teeming with life and amazingly varied, from rocky reefs and muddy bottoms, to deep-water channels and sea-grass meadows.

What is the problem?

Sadly, decades of industrial exploitation have taken their toll, and now all UK seas and their delicate marine habitats are under immense pressure. Only a tiny fraction of our seas are protected from damaging activities, and only eight of a total of 47 fish stocks are known to be in a healthy state and 22 of our marine vertebrates are now considered to be threatened with extinction.

This is only a small part of the projects that have been undertaken by MCS. To know more go to:


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