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Scuba Bulletin 08.05.2012 a courtesy service of


:: Novelties in the scuba resource
The Hebat Allah Wreck, Red Sea, Egypt
:: Dive show news 
MIDI Malaysia International Dive Expo, Kuala Lumpur, 6-8 July, 2012
:: Travel news
Plan now for the SeaLife Sponsors Kids Sea Camp taking place this summer
:: Equipment news
Discover the 12S regulator from Mares
Aqualung launches Axiom BC
:: Education news
DAN uniting experts from around the world this May in the Rebreather Forum 3, Orlando, FL
:: Marine conservation 
Why wait, you can start helping towards the conservation of our Oceans now
:: New offers from the last minute board
Cruise within Male' - Ari atoll on a liveaboard, see whale sharks and mantas
Get rebreather training in the Philippines and enjoy great dives
Dive Puerto Rico's warm waters in private groups
:: Diving business owner and webmaster corner
Start following your statistics now and stop guessing
Novelties in the Scuba Diving Portal
Hebat Allah Wreck, Hurghada, Red Sea
The Hebat Allah wreck is now in the diving guide of the scuba diving portal GoodDive.

The Hebat Allah first rested on the reef in Egypt's Red Sea then the authorities had the idea to sink it making it the, the first artificial reef in Hurghada.

The Red Sea Diving Association in cooperation with HEPCA, the Egyptian Navy and the Red Sea Governor prepared the ship for its sinking. All oil, fuel, loose interior and trash was removed and penetretable areas were closed.
In November 2004 the Hebat Allah was ready to be sunk in the area between Giftun Island and Gota Abu Ramada. It was intended to send it to the bottom in a depth of 30m so as to allow the access to recreational divers of nearly all levels. 
To read more: 
Dive show news
MIDI Malaysia International Dive Expo, Kuala Lumpur form the 6th to 8th of July 2012.
Come and meet major players in the diving indistry and fellow divers. Communicate, network, share and exchange ideas and opinions. 

Further to promote Malaysia as the world-standard diving destination and its region to the international and domestic divers. It also aims to cultivate and develop the new generation of divers of their interest by diverting them to marine environment and making scuba diving as an interesting experience. Further to promote major brands of products and services that can be obtained in Malaysia. Yearly MIDE’s has visitors minimum from 30 countries.
To read more:
Travel news
SeaLife Sponsors Kids Sea Camp
If you have a family and you're looking for an ideal get-away where both you and the children can have packs of fun plan for the Kids Sea Camp.
For your calenders see the schedule below.

2012 Schedule
June 16-30—Palau
June 30-July 7—Costa Rica
July 7-14, July 14-21—Galapagos, Buddy Dive Liveaboard Cruise
July 7-14, July 14-21—Grand Cayman, Dive Tech & Cobalt Coast Resort
July 21-28—Bonaire, Buddy Beach & Dive Resort
July 28-Aug. 4—Utila

Each year, millions of kids leave their game consoles, TVs, computers and other comforts of home in search of new and exciting outdoor adventures at summer camp. In fact, last year alone, an estimated 8.1 million children went to a camp of some sort. So why is it that just the kids get to go off and make new friends, participate in exciting activities and learn new things? Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures create fun-filled family experiences that bond the family and build lasting memories.

The Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures is a full week’s schedule of events and educational programs for families with kids 4 to 17 years of age. Each week includes seven nights’ accommodations, diving, meals, excursions, activities for both adults and children including, diving, snorkeling and many PADI Specialty courses such as digital photography certification, clinics and hands-on learning with SeaLife cameras.

The uniqueness of the Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures is that it doesn’t just cater to the kids. Parents get to have fun, too, while spending time with the family. The Camp promotes conservation and provides adult seminars and talks on marine-related issues. There are myriad activities for everyone to participate in.

For families that love the magic of the undersea world, this is the ideal family get-away. It is the perfect gift for entire family. Camps are scheduled for 2012-2013 with early booking discounts of 10 percent.
To read more.
Equipment news
Mares launches 12S regulator
To set its goals, Mares' research and development department prepared a completely new concept for a second stage, that included notable weight reduction, short and anatomical hose routing, hydrodynamic design and angled hose attachment. What sounds simple was quite a challenge to design - especially as the classical advantages and patents of Mares regulators, like bypass and Vortex Assisted Design, had to be incorporated as well. The result will convince you at first breath: the lightweight case with its center of gravity closer to the diver as compared to traditional regulators doesn't feel like a foreign object anymore. The side exhaust deflects the exhaled breath, so that hardly any bubbles will ever crowd your view. In addition, breathing is a breeze with the Instinct 12S. Thanks to the vortex assisted airflow (VAD) through the integrated bypass, the control knobs necessary on conventional regulators are completely superfluous. The regulator supplies the user at any depth with the exact amount of air one needs. But that's not all! Instinct 12S is a treasure chest of surprises: The diaphragm of the second stage is at an angle of 45° to the diver - a first for regulators - which provides for consistent performance in any position. This regulator really becomes a part of you!
To read more:

The Evolution Continues
Aqualung introduces Axiom

"Axiom – a self evident or universally recognized truth", the perfect words to describe the ease of use, comfort and stability provided by our newest BC, the Axiom. Initially released in the i3 version, the new Axiom models provide all the great features of the Axiom i3 but with a traditional inflator system. Now you have two buoyancy options for this revolutionary BC!

In addition to being among our most comfortable BC's, the Axiom provides the diver comfort and ease of use through two new technologies, the Wrapture harness system (pat pend) and the GripLock™ tank band.
Axiom i3

Axiom i3

The Wrapture harness system streamlines the diver by pulling the BC and cylinder in close and allows you to stand up straight when out of the water; providing a unique experience both in and out of the water.
To read more:
Education news
Rebreather Forum 3
From May 18-20, 2012, experts from around the world are gathering in Orlando, Fla. to examine the state of rebreather use and to develop protocols and recommendations to improve user safety. Co-sponsored in part by DAN, PADI and the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS), the Rebreather Forum 3 (RF3) is a three-day program featuring rebreather specialists, experts, manufacturers, training and education leaders, scientists and dive safety researchers. The weekend is open to anyone with an interest in rebreather diving and technology, and several registration options are available. 

“The main aim of RF3 is to evaluate the state of the art,” stated Dr. Neal Pollock, DAN research director and one of the organizers behind RF3. “In a nutshell, the theme of RF3 is to improve understanding, which we hope will translate to improved safety across the board. We can always do things better. So it is a rationality check to see if we can make things safer. 

We’re therefore going to assess the current situation regarding manufacturing, testing, training and diving protocols to check that we are doing this as safely as we can, and highlight areas that need improving so that we can move forward. Hence we’ve convened this conference to put a lot of opinions into the room, rather than relying on a set of interpretations from one particular organization or company. Doing it this way allows us to pull together all the different views and we then assess the results through one lens. 

You can be part of this important peer review; check out the agenda and book your tickets to the most significant rebreather conference this decade.
Marine conservation 
Join in the conservation effort today
We need to help our Oceans stay healthy. And no matter where we live, we need healthy oceans to support our daily life – air to breathe, food to eat, places to work and play. With our support, the course for our oceans and coasts can change and help the people who depend on them. Even small changes can make a difference. Start helping now by doing the following:

-Reduce your plastic consumption
The most frequently collected items during beach cleanups are made of plastic — think reusable shopping bags, water bottles and utensils.

-Make informed seafood choices
Choose sustainable seafood at the grocery store or a restaurant.

-Dispose of chemicals properly
Never pour chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil or paint into the drain or toilets. Check with your county’s household hazardous waste program to properly dispose of or recycle chemicals and keep them out of rivers and oceans.

-Choose green detergents and household cleaners—or make your own
Besides being better for your own health, these products are safer for the environment since what goes down the drain can end up in our oceans.
To read more:
New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price: 990 USD
Month of trip May
Precise date of beginning: 22 May 2012
Precise date of ending: 29 May 2012
Dive Liveaboard tour is schedule to start from 22nd - 29th May 2012. This tour is a classis 7 night tour . Cruising within Male' - Ari atoll. Eagle Ray liveaboard will give you 17 dives within the tour , and will consist of different dive sites every day. There is high possiblity to encounter whale shark , and mantas . As you cruise the atoll you get to see the beautiful Maldives the beaches and experience the sandy beaches aswell. This is the best way to explore maldives above and below.

Price: 395 USD
Month of trip May
Precise date of beginning 05/01/2012
Precise date of ending 05/10/2012
Come dive with a rebreather. Only 2 days training and the rest of your vacation to enjoy your dives. Only 395 USD for a full training. Book now and come see us in the Philippines.

Puerto Rico
Month of trip August
Precise date of beginning: 08/01/2012
Precise date of ending: 12/31/2012
Diving 180 degrees from the ordinary, Finally a dive operation that caters to your needs whatever they may be. Dive when you want, where you want, how you want and as often as you want. Our speciality is small private groups of experienced divers and dive clubs/dive shops/dive travel groups. We have no outside clients, only private groups. Complete “turnkey” operation including transfers to and from airport, accommodations, diving and courtesy van/car.

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!

Diving business owner and webmaster corner

Stop guessing!
I have asked Scuba Promotion about their works when they are helping diving center owners promote their companies in the internet.
I asked what the small thing that made a big difference was.
I got the answer that for many, it is still in following statistics. Most new customers arriving at Scuba Promotion are not following the statistics and hence have no idea what is happening on their websites.
So here it is, you can consult your hosting company, (the place where you pay to have your  website online) and ask them for access to statistics.
If they don't have it there are two solutions:
1.Go and get a hosting for your website with Scuba Promotion. They have very competitive prices and all the necessary tools to follow up statistics. Furthermore you will have the advantage of working with dive professionals.
2.Another solution is to use the free Google Analytics tool  that is very powerful offered free by Google. This solution has the advantage that you can add it to your website without access to the server. Just add it to the pages of your website. It's free.

Once you have this kind of tool you will be able to see how your visitors come to your website, who converts to customers, if they came from a referral website like GoodDive, Trip Adviser or the portal in your region. These are the websites you have to maintain relations with using the free options or paying advertising listings. Here there's no more guessing. Instead of spending time on the one who says they say they send you business, use refer websites that are sending you visitors plus customers.

If they came from a search engine, you may want to know what word they typed in the search engine etc?
If this is all Chinese for you,  ask Scuba Promotion to guide you on that.
You will be surprised what a few bucks can do for your website.


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