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Scuba Bulletin August  2010 a service of


This month in the scuba bulletin:
:: Contest
Join the UWPG Ocean Art Photo Competition 2010
::  Dive show news
The DEMA show will open its doors this November in Las Vegas 
:: Breaking news 
Plankton decline across oceans as waters warm
:: Travel news
Don't miss the Dive Fest 2011, party on the beach for divers in the UK
:: Equipment news
Uemis ZURICH innovative dive computer is launched
:: Education news
Schedule of DAN Seminars at DEMA Now Available
:: Marine conservation 
Turn the tide for the turtles by becoming an "active" voice for conservation
:: New offers from the last minute board
Take part in marine conservation research surveys in Costa Brava
Internships for career minded persons or those seeking a change of pace lifestyle
Get certified in Daytona Beach, Florida or in the Central Florida area
UWPG Ocean Art Photo Competition 2010
Enter the Ocean Art photo contest. 

With over 30 liveaboard and resort sponsors exceeding $67,000 USD in value, 1st, 2nd and most 3rd place winners in all categories should be able to choose an excellent dive vacation, and even 3rd place and honorable mention will receive great prizes.

This is a virtual contest - simply upload underwater photos taken anywhere, anytime, before the Nov 14th deadline.

Winners will be able to rank the prizes, and receive the highest ranked available prize on their list. Best of show will get to choose first. 1st place winners will be able to choose before all other winners, 2nd place winners before 3rd place winners, etc. Winners can only receive one prize.

The exact ranking of the categories, which determines who gets first picks on the prizes, will be determined by the judges based upon the number of entries and  level of competiveness of each category.

World class judges - Chris Newbert, Marty Snyderman, Martin Edgeand  Bonnie Pelnar will be present
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Dive show news
The DEMA Show will  take place in Las Vegas, Nevada November 17-20

The power of face-to-face networking & negotiating come alive at DEMA Show 2010. Register now!!

DEMA Show 2010 is the only international trade-only event for the diving, action water sports and travel industries. Join the thousands of dive industry professionals who will get in the game at DEMA Show this November 17-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The DEMA Show website is the virtual home of DEMA Show! Visit this site often for continuous news and updates on all that is DEMA Show.

  • Be Informed.
  • Be Connected.
  • Be Successful.
  • BE AT DEMA SHOW 2010!

To read more:

Breaking news
Plankton has declined considerably across oceans as waters warm

Studies have revealed that the amount of phytoplankton - tiny marine plants - in the top layers of the oceans has declined markedly over the last century, research suggests.

Writing in the journal Nature, scientists say the decline appears to be linked to rising water temperatures.

They made their finding by looking at records of the transparency of sea water, which is affected by the plants.

The decline - about 1% per year - could be ecologically significant as plankton sit at the base of marine food chains.

This is the first study to attempt a comprehensive global look at plankton changes over such a long time scale.

"What we think is happening is that the oceans are becoming more stratified as the water warms," said research leader Daniel Boyce from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"The plants need sunlight from above and nutrients from below; and as it becomes more stratified, that limits the availability of nutrients," he told BBC News.

Phytoplankton are typically eaten by zooplankton - tiny marine animals - which themselves are prey for small fish and other animals.
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Travel news
Get ready for the Dive Fest. Buy your tickets now!

Dive Fest 2011 takes place over the May bank holiday weekend from Friday 
29th April to Monday 2 May 2011. Under 16s go free (meal not included) if accompanied by a ticket-holding adult.

Details about Dive Fest 2011 will be available in the next couple of months.

Dive Fest is the UK’s biggest and best diving festival and takes place at 
Pentewan Sands Holiday Park in Cornwall. The idea is that divers from all over the UK get together for a huge party, complete with live music, food, events and equipment and travel stalls. The first such event took place in May 2009 and was a massive success, with more than 1,000 divers attending. This year the holiday park was revamped with a new clubhouse and pool in time for the 2010 event, which again was a great success.
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Equipment news
Introducing the uemis ZURICH dive computer
SDA is the acronym for „Scuba Diver Assistant“ – a refinement of the dive computer. The uemis ZURICH is an innovative product offering a variety of new features, not only for specialists and passionate divers. 
A Swiss product. Developed by experts who have participated in the development of several dive computers and who are all passionate divers. Get to know the SDA , its outstanding qualities and advantages, and its easy operation. 

In addition to the impressive user friendliness and the ergonomic design, the uemis ZURICH implements features that will inspire every diver. 

Offering new functions and implementing cutting edge technologies the uemis ZURICH is also easy to handle and much more...
To read more:
Education news
The full schedule of DAN® Medicine and Research seminars at DEMA Show 2010 is now available. 

Often attended to standing room only, DAN seminars have become an annual 
tradition for many. Each seminar is offered free of charge, and no 
preregistration is required to attend. 

At this year’s DEMA Show, the DAN medical staff will present several free seminars each day. Topics include “Nutrition and Diving,” “How to Choose What Dive Computer for Your Dive Style,” “Toxicological Aspects of Hazardous Marine Life,” “The Medical Statement: When ‘Yes’ Doesn’t Have to Mean ‘No,’” “Stacking the Deck: How to Decrease Your Risk of DCI and Dive Injuries,” “Unseen Hazards in Diving,” “Fatalities: When Bad Things Happen to Good Divers” and more. Presenters include Nick Bird, Dan Orr, Petar Denoble, Neal Pollock, Dan Nord, Matias Nochetto and Eric Douglas. 
To read more:
Marine Conservation
Don't be passive. Play an active role and turn the tide for turtles by directing your positive energy toward other like-minded people. A little praise can go a long way. 
If you feel that there is an individual, a government official, an organization, or a company that stands out as a conservation leader let them know through a simple thank you e-mail or a letter to your local paper’s editor. It's easier to work for change when empowered by a network of appreciative and supportive friends. 
To read more:
New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price: 148 Euros 
Volunteer divers get free scuba diving when taking part in marine conservation research surveys with Kenna Ecodiving in the Mediterranean town of L'Escala, Costa Brava. Dive famous sites, like the Medes Islands Marine reserve, wrecks and caves. Volunteer to make your dives count and get in-depth knowledge of the most productive Mediterranean coast. 6 places available per week

Price: 3800-4200 US$
Professional Scuba Dive training and Internships, Dive Master or Instructor Internships available, Course run year round and are all inclusive. Lowest tuition in the industry for similar programs. Housing, and meals included. Located in sunny, warm and friendly Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Starts evry 15th of the month.

Daytona Beach, Florida 
Price: 195 US$ 
Any time your in Daytona Beach, Florida or in the Central Florida area, contact us for the experience of a lifetime. Getting certified with PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructors is so easy. It is a total of 24 hours of course time that can be split into 4 mornings. Once your certified it is for the rest of your life you can dive anywhere in the world.

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!



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