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Scuba Bulletin 03.03.2011 a service of


This month in the scuba bulletin:
:: Photo contest
Wetpixel Photo of the Week Contest
:: New in the Scuba Diving Portal
New 3D wreck images in the Red Sea including Thistlegorm, Cable Wreck Ulysses and Abu Nahas wrecks
:: Dive show news
Asia Dive Expo 2011 will take place in April
:: Travel news
Curaçao Dive Festival
Red Sea Egypt
:: Equipment news
Launch of the new TURTLE housings from Amphibico
:: Education news
Spaces Still Available for the 69th DAN Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Course
:: Marine conservation 
The Coral Reef Alliance Announces New Partnership with Coral Reef CSI
:: New offers from the last minute board
Utopia's world class house reef, Utila
Dive the exciting exotic islands in Malaysia

Dive the Riviera Maya's pristine waters
Photo contest
The Wetpixel Photo of the Week (POTW) contest will test your both your underwater photography skills and image-manipulation skills. If you do more to your image than basic color/contrast adjustments and backscatter removal, please note it in your comments. Submitted images may be used and published by Wetpixel LLC to announce and promote Wetpixel photo contests. 

Subscribe to an RSS feed of the winning POTW entries! For the tech-savvy, you can embed the current Picture of the Week (or your own submissions) into your webpage or Wordpress blog. If you'd like to compete in larger competitions, be sure to check out our annual international photo competition. 
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New in the Scuba Diving Portal
The scuba portal has recently added 3D wreck images in the Red Sea guide. The Red Sea has many reefs that have strong winds and currents. In the past this made navigation difficult and as a result many ships were wrecked on the coastline. 
These wrecks have become popular dive spots.
The northern Red Sea has the highest concentration of wrecks and can be visited on liveaboard. Some of the wrecks you can visit are the famous Thistlegorm wreck, the Cable Wreck Ulysses and the Abu Nahas wrecks just to mention a few.

There are many other wrecks to explore and each one has a story of its own to tell.
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 Dive show news
ADEX 2011 is the largest scuba diving event in Singapore. Continuing for the 17th year running, ADEX 2011 brings together dive operators, enthusiasts, marine conservationists and all those with a passion for the underwater world.
It will take place from the 22nd to 24th April 2011 at the Suntec Convention Centre, hall 404.
ADEX  is made by divers for divers!
ADEX 2011 will celebrate and support TURTLES.

The ASIA DIVE EXPO is a must-attend event for anyone interested or involved in the world of diving. Having been held for 16 years, ADEX continues to attract exhibitors representing the whole spectrum of the dive industry.
Visitors range from enthusiastic beginner divers to dive professionals and those working within the dive community.
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Travel news
Curacao will have it's annual dive festival in May- June 2011. Divers and snorkellers alike will explore Curaçao's pristine dive sites, attend free in-depth workshops and night-time film presentations on the beach at the annual Curaçao Dive Festival. There are early morning guided dives and other events drawing you into Curaçao's underwater paradise. 
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Egypt's Red Sea diving operations have started running again. The crisis in Egypt had affected lots of regions but the Red Sea areas Sinai Hurghada and Marsa Alam are continuing to operate diving activities.

Divers are still coming to to enjoy the calm and the advantage now is that there are less people on the sites but most diving centers are operating normally. 

Equipment news
Amphibico has launched a new line of housings designed with the entry level videographer in mind. The new TURTLE line can be purchased from their online Store or from athorized Amphibico dealers.
According to company officials, the new housing is designed for fun, performance and value. There is a choice of six different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue or pink). In addition, each TURTLE unit features:
•Marine grade aluminum with stainless steel hardware •Fully Anodized with 
hard coat of Polyurethane Paint •Depth rated to 330 feet (100 metres) 
•Fixed front glass (no port – camcorder FOV) •Rear 3.5” Digital LCD 
monitor •Easy-to-use electronic right grip with One Touch White Balance 
•Advantageously priced at suggested U.S. $1,195 
•And YOUR CHOICE OF 6 exciting, fun-filled, tropical colors…and they’ll be 
shipped in 72 hours or the freight is on us! 
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Edcation news
The 69th DAN Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Course, taking place April 9-
16, 2011, in Little Cayman, marks the debut of a new partnership between 
DAN and the Wilderness Medical Society. This six-day course is designed 
primarily for physicians. Emergency medical personnel, paramedics, nurses 
and professionals with interest in diving medicine may also find the 
course valuable. The program includes lectures, case presentations, 
printed support materials, and both formal and informal discussion 
sessions with faculty. 

Education is not the only benefit of attending, however, as attendees may 
enjoy all the program location has to offer. The rooms and tropical 
foliage of Little Cayman Beach Resort capture the warmth and beauty of the 
island of Little Cayman. The resort sits on a private beach with views of 
the Caribbean water and reefs. Divers from around the globe have 
proclaimed Little Cayman as one of the world’s premier dive destinations 
with pristine reefs, excellent visibility and incredible diving. The coral 
canyons, sand chutes and sponge-covered walls are all part of the Little 
Cayman dive experience. Turtles are a common sighting. Eagle rays, 
angelfish, reef sharks and grouper are among the 500-plus species of fish 
documented in Little Cayman waters. 
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Marine Conservation
The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is now the home of the international Coral Reef CSI program. This new partnership, announced by CORAL today, will expand the field of coral reef forensic investigation in coral reef locations around the world, offering more protection to these valuable and fragile ecosystems.

"The Coral Reef CSI program is filling an important niche, as few marine protected areas have field investigators armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to hold responsible parties accountable for injuries to managed coral reef resources," said Rick MacPherson, Interim Executive Director and Conservation Programs Director at the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL). "The program is a natural fit for CORAL because it is closely aligned with our own community-focused approach to reducing local reef threats in order to create and sustain healthy coral reef communities." 

Crime scene investigation (CSI) techniques have become famous through a host of popular television dramas, and the Coral Reef CSI program uses similar forensic science strategies underwater. Designed in 2006, the program has worked in thirteen countries and has trained over 300 marine protected area resource managers, enforcement officers, academics, and litigators in underwater evidence collection. 

Through the program's rigorous field training workshops, participants learn underwater forensic investigative techniques applicable to vessel groundings, destructive fishing, illegal extraction, and other negative impacts to coral reefs. Participants also practice proper procedures for gathering and preserving evidence in the marine environment and receive expert advice on providing clear and concise analysis during decision-making processes such as court trials. 
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New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price: 1'156US$
Includes week dive package, three gourmet meals daily, 10 boat dives, 
night dive and unlimited shore diving on Utopia's world class house reef! 
Insider tip –there is an extra bonus PADI Whale Shark Awareness Course - if interested sign up at “Enter To Win a Free Week Stay” on their website and get the course info and a chance to win a week dive package at Utopia Dive Village.
Precise date of beginning February 4, 2011 
Precise date of ending April 29, 2011

Borneo, Malaysia
Price: 99 euro 2 Days 1 night all inclusive
Precise date of beginning 23/11/2010 
Precise date of ending 10/09/2011 
Numberr. of available places 20 
Special Offer until 21/01/2011 99 euro 2 Days 1 night all inclusive 79 euro extension night !! Dive Mataking, Pom Pom, Sipadan,Mabul,Mantabuan and other 22 islands in Borneo. All in one package trip. Great Price Package. 3Daily Boat dives,unlimited shore and night dives included, all meals and snacks, roudtrip transfer Airport to Island.

Price: 99 USD
Month of trip January 
Precise date of beginning 01.01.2011 
Precise date of ending 31.12.2011 
Number. of available places 20 
This is brand new at the Riviera Maya. Starting from the 1st of January we will do a full day 3 tank diving excursion with a purpose-built deluxe diving yacht. You can enjoy the fantastic Caribbean weather on the lounchers on the sun deck, meet other diver for some small talk on the shady upper deck or have a coffee in the spacious air-conditioned saloon. Enjoy a fantastic day aboard a comfortable yacht with 3 amazing dives.

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!


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