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This month in the scuba bulletin:
:: Novelties in the scuba resource
Marine Conservation and Marine Biology forum
:: Travel news 
New attraction in Grand Cayman, the Kittiwake shipwreck 
:: Dive show news
The Annual Diving Show  DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia is coming up in March
:: Equipment news
The 2011 calendar for the DUI DOG rally and demo tour has been released
:: Education news
DAN Announces Partnership with the Wilderness Medical Society
:: Marine Conservation 
Make a difference to our blue planet by taking simple actions on a regular basis
:: New offers from the last minute board
Dive the Riviera Maya's pristine waters
Swim with the manatees in Crystal River, Florida
Dive the exciting exotic islands in Malaysia
:: From the web
Handicapped Scuba Association doing a tremendous job at reaching out to the physically challenged diver celebrates it's 30th anniversary
:: Diving business owner and webmaster corner
Dive Industry news forum now open for all dive related posts
Novelties in the Scuba Diving Portal
Marine Conservation and Marine Biology.
This forum is dedicated to the conservation of our blue planet. If you have any ideas that will promote awareness of conservation, news, events or petitions this is the place to post them. Together we can make a whole difference by engaging in efforts, big or small,  to save our planet. So start contributing now.
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 Travel news
The Kittiwake wreck has been sunk in Grand Cayman
For Scuba divers planning to visit the Caymans there's a new attraction, the newls sunk Kittiwake wreck. This is a former US military vessel that was sunk beginning of January 2011 in Grand Cayman.

Managed by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, the new site is open to snorkelers and divers and has already started attracting marine life like stingrays, schooling fish and barracudas.

There is an entry fee. Funds collected will be used for maintenance, safety and management and a portion of the visitor fee will be paid to an environmental contingency fund. 

The Kittiwake now rests at the northern end of Seven Mile Beach, on the west or lee side of Grand Cayman at latitude 19 21.714’N and Longitude 081 24.073’W for her bow, just off of the Sand Chute dive site. The bottom is flat and sandy. The Kittiwake will rest 64 feet deep at the bottom and be only 10 feet from the surface, making her ideal for both divers and snorkellers. 
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Dive show news
The Annual Diving Show DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia 2011
DEEPand EXTREME Indonesia 2011 will be held in four days beginning on Thursday, March 31st , 2011 as it is distinctively marked as Trade Showday. The first day or day one will be set exclusively for trade visitors and media representatives with free privileges to attend several set of programs including official opening by Indonesian Minister, buyers’ sellers meeting, press gathering and conferences and other official programs. 

This show is organized to promote marine tourism through diving, water sports and adventure travel as well as to encourage people to love the ocean and its resources. The theme for this year’s exhibition is Building Marine Tourism Through Environment Conservation and is designed to support the Indonesian government and people in developing marine tourism industries based on conservation of the marine. Environment.
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Equipment news
2011 Calendar for the DUI DOG rally and demo tour
When you have a 38’ trailer filled with more than 120 drysuit and divewear systems, install stakes for two 20’ x 40’ tents with a jackhammer in the ground and need parking for more than 150 divers a day, you better have your ducks in row. We have the permits and the plans set! 

DOG stands for DUI Owners Group. It’s open to all divers whether you are a DOG, thinking about it or just want to experience drysuit diving. Each event includes

Two huge tents filled with DUI drysuits & equipment 
Choose from more than 120 drysuit systems to test dive 
Test dive our newest innovations like the FLX EXTREME and Silicone ZipSeals 
Enjoy the camaraderie of your local fellow divers 
Get fitted by DUI factory professionals and expert dealer staff 
See all of the options available to design YOUR ultimate drysuit system 

March 19-20 San Diego, CA Horizon Dive Charters 
April 2-3* Pelham, AL Alabama Blue Water Adventures 
April 9-10* Austin, TX Windy Point Park 
April 30-May 1 Eureka Springs, AR Beaver Lake 
May 14-15* Gloucester, MA Stage Fort Park 
May 21-22* Bethlehem, PA Dutch Springs 
June 4-5 South Beloit, IL Pearl Lake 
June 11-12* Black River Falls, WI Wazee Lake 
Aug 12-14 Newport, OR Oregon Coast Aquarium 
Aug 20-21* Tacoma, WA Les Davis Park 
Sept 10-11 Monterey, CA San Carlos Beach Park 
Sept 17-18* Ottawa, OH Gilboa Quarry 
Sept 24-25 Metropolis, IL Mermet Springs 
Oct 22-23* Rawlings, VA Lake Rawlings 
Nov 12-13* Chiefland, FL Manatee Springs 
Nov 19-20* Terrell, TX Clear Springs Scuba Park 
Dec 3-4 Catalina Island, CA Casino Point 
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Education news
DAN Announces Partnership with the Wilderness Medical Society
Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) is increasing the depth of resources offered in its continuing education programs through a new partnership with the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS). The partnership will make its debut with the jointly-sponsored 69th DAN Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Course taking place April 9-16, 2011, in Little Cayman. 

Founded in 1983, the Wilderness Medical Society is the world's leading nonprofit organization devoted to wilderness medical challenges. Wilderness medicine topics include expedition and disaster medicine, dive medicine, search and rescue, altitude illness, cold- and heat-related illness, wilderness trauma and wild animal attacks. WMS explores health risks and safety issues in extreme situations such as mountains, jungles, deserts, caves, marine environments and space. 

“A partnership between DAN and WMS is a natural fit,” said Nicholas Bird, CEO and chief medical officer of DAN. “The two organizations share similar core values and approaches to serving their memberships. Like DAN, WMS has a long-standing commitment to education and research, and together we will continue to share what we learn with peers, both in and out of the medical community.”
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Marine Conservation
Act for the angelfish by becoming ocean aware. The Ocean Project's 
facebook page and twitter updates provide you with up-to-date green tips 
and links to the latest news about ocean-related matters. Check out The 
Ocean Project blog, visit other environmental blogs and websites, dig into 
the Ocean Book of the Month or a film about the ocean. That way you can 
begin relate to the issues that affect your backyard and our world and 
find out how you fit into the big picture.

Turn the tide for the turtles by pledging to make a difference. Spend time 
this month thinking about how your daily actions affect our ocean planet. 
No matter where you live, you are connected to the ocean, and your impacts 
do make a difference. Commit to taking simple actions on a regular basis 
to reduce your impact on the earth and conserve it for the children of the 
future. To make it easier for you, we have developed the Seven C's Pledge, 
where you can make a personal commitment and find information on how you 
can play your part. Also, check our Take Action site as often as possible 
to find daily eco tips and links.

Make a whale of an effort by supporting a local conservation organization. 
A visit to your local Zoo, Aquarium, or Museum (ZAM) can help you to 
understand the importance and appreciate the beauty of life found in our 
ocean and of life upstream and downstream in your watershed. Become a 
member of your favorite organization and support environmental 
conservation and education. As a ZAM member you can get up close with the 
animals, explore fascinating exhibits, and get inspired all year round. In 
turn they will help you to get involved with local conservation efforts 
and volunteering opportunities. Find your local ZAM and join now.
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New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price: 99 USD
Month of trip January 
Precise date of beginning 01.01.2011 
Precise date of ending 31.12.2011 
Number. of available places 20 
This is brand new at the Riviera Maya. Starting from the 1st of January we will do a full day 3 tank diving excursion with a purpose-built deluxe diving yacht. You can enjoy the fantastic Caribbean weather on the lounchers on the sun deck, meet other diver for some small talk on the shady upper deck or have a coffee in the spacious air-conditioned saloon. Enjoy a fantastic day aboard a comfortable yacht with 3 amazing dives.

Crystal River, Florida
Price: 45 USD 
Join River Ventures in Crystal River, Florida on an exciting adventure to swim with the manatees. Manatee snorkel tours are conducted daily, year round, including holidays. River Ventures is permitted by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service to conduct manatee swim tours within the boundaries of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. Come share our love of these gentle and magnificent creatures as you interact with them in their natural habitat.

Borneo, Malyasia
Price: 99 EUR 
Precise date of beginning 23/11/2010 
Precise date of ending 10/09/2011 
Nbr. of available places 20 
Dive Mataking, POM POM, Sipadan,Mabul,Mantabuan and other 22 islands in Borneo all in one package trip. 3 Daily Boat dives,unlimited shore and night dives included. Special offer is valid until 21/01/2011.  99 Euro for 2 Days 1 night all inclusive 79 euro extension night.

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!

From the web

Handicapped Scuba Association 30th Anniversary is June 22, 2011! 
This year the HSA continued its growth by adding three new countries, South Africa, Croatia and Portugal, to our roster of HSA Training Centers. HSA Training Centers require an HSA Course Director in good standing on staff. We trained 6 new HSA Course Directors for a total of 61 Course Directors worldwide! 

So many of our Course Directors and Instructors have created programs that benefit people with disabilities, it is impossible to include them in one newsletter. So expect to receive newsletters from time to time throughout the year sharing these fantastic programs with our membership.

The HSA’s starting point was at the University of California – Irvine in 1975. This first course was an independent study course through the Psychology Department and was called the Handicapped Scuba Project. Several years later (1981) I contacted our former scuba students from college to go diving and teach more people with disabilities to scuba dive. 

Now is the time to ‘Celebrate’ Thirty Years of growth, development & service by what else? Scuba diving in Bonaire! This will be our 27 th year on accessible Bonaire. The rooms, restaurants, pier, boats & the open sea are all accessible, and this adds up to a great scuba diving celebration! Final trip details and prices will be posted soon.
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Diving business owner and webmaster corner

Dive Industry News Forum
This is the place to promote your sevices and special offers. You can present your company trips, articles, courses or any other news. You can use the text and presentation you already use for your print advertising etc. Announce the opening of the season, manta, whale shark arrival etc. This will all be advertising at no cost at all. Spam is allowed as long it's diving related!
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