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Scuba Bulletin July 2010, a service of


This month in the scuba bulletin:
:: Photo Contest
Enter the Monthly Photo Contest with Dive Photo Guide
:: Breaking news 
Discovery of important and threatened deep-sea coral reefs of the Mediterranean in the Alboran Sea 
:: Travel news
Participate in an expedition to Lady Elliot Island, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
:: Equipment news
Scubapro has a new addition to the state-of-the-art Galileo family of computers
:: Education news
SSI offers a free online training program
:: Marine Conservation 
Become water wise and help conserve our planet
:: New offers from the last minute board
Take part in marine conservation research surveys in L'Escala, Costa Brava
Dive with Utopia Village, Honduras
Discover diving the Maldives at its best
:: From the web
Kids for saving the earth website. Environmental awareness for children
:: Diving business owner and webmaster corner
Make sure you are ready for the new business wave
Compete in the next monthly photo contest
Take part in monthly photo contests

Do you want to take the next step with your underwater photography or 
video? Entering competitions is a great way to do that. 

Dive Photo Guide's monthly underwater photo contests give you the chance to get valuable prizes and glory, but better yet, participating gives you the opportunity to push your photography further. At all times you’ll find six months of contest themes so that you can challenge yourself to a specific assignment on your next dive trip. 

With such a wide variety of international underwater photo and video competitions around the world, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to compete all year round. The DPG event calendars are a great place to keep track of upcoming competition deadlines, shootouts, and information on each event.

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 Breaking news
Oceana discovers one of the most important and threatened deep-sea coral reefs of the Mediterranean in the Alboran Sea

A large part of the reef has been lost through the use of different fishing gear such as bottom trawling and longline fishing, but there are still extensive areas of white coral at a depth of over 300 meters

Oceana discovers one of the most important and threatened deep-sea coral reefs of the Mediterranean in the Alboran SeaAll Press Releases… 
A large part of the reef has been lost through the use of different fishing gear such as bottom trawling and longline fishing, but there are still extensive areas of white coral at a depth of over 300 meters

Deep-sea coral reefs have already disappeared from most of the Mediterranean.

Oceana has discovered large colonies of white coral and a wealth of associated fauna in Spanish waters of the Alboran Sea (Western Mediterranean), with greater abundance at depths between 300 and 500 meters. The finding took place during the 2010 expedition of the research catamaran, the Oceana Ranger, as part of LIFE+ INDEMARES project. Given this habitat’s importance for numerous species and its poor state of conservation, Oceana is requesting measures to protect it.

Findings such as the coral reef of Santa María di Leuca in Italy or the canyons of Creus and Palamós in Catalonia have increased hope in the possible existence of yet to be discovered deep-sea coral reefs. This new reef found in Alboran is one of the most important ones in the Mediterranean, but also of the most threatened ones. This is because most of the colonies are dead or are endangered by the fishing activities that go on in the area.

Live colonies of deep-sea coral coexist with large expanses of dead coral. The coral that still survives suffers accelerated deterioration that is threatening one of this sea’s richest ecosystems. White coral is intertwined with black coral, whip coral, glass sponges and other species that dwell at these depths to make up a habitat of great importance to species such as redfish, roughy, red seabream, etc.

It is believed that half of the white coral reefs in the Atlantic have disappeared, and in the Mediterranean, the situation seems to be worse. Most of the research conducted to date has only found dead coral that must have formed large reefs at the bottom of the sea long ago.

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Travel news
Collect valuable data on the world’s largest ray, to protect the species 
against rising threats to its long-term health. 

Take part in an expedition to Lady Elliot Island is located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It has the highest possible conservation classification, that of Marine 
National Park Zone. 

It is only one of six island resorts on the Great Barrier Reef, and is teeming with life from sea turtles which hatch on the island, dolphins, a large number of coral and fish to a variety of birds nesting on the island. Humpback whales pass nearby during the migration season and there is an unknown number of manta rays around the island. 

Since individual manta rays can be identified by the unique patterns found on their underside, an online resource, the Manta Identification Database, is being developed that will allow divers and snorkelers to contribute photographs. Choose to join this project, and you’ll take and process photos of manta rays for the database, comparing new images with existing ones in order to identify individual manta rays.

Contributing to a study of manta feeding habits, assisting with plankton sampling and analysis from a series of plankton tows at dive sites and offshore, you may also take part in filming manta rays for an ongoing behavioral study - observing mantas interacting with cleaner fish at cleaning stations and mapping reef. 

The information you gather will contribute to a database that is now emerging as the best available data source for this incredibly vulnerable species. One which can be used to significantly improve species and habitat management plans. Government agencies, conservation groups and commercial operators will turn to Project Manta and the work that you do to determine how best to protect threatened manta populations, and increase opportunities for sustainable ecotourism as an alternative to hunting. 

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Equipment news
A new addition to the state-of-the-art GALILEO family of computers

LUNA enhances your dive experience providing intelligence at hand, with key features, and the ability to upgrade: 

•Full-Tilt Digital Compass with Bearing Memory 
•Extra large Dot-Matrix Display 
•Updatable Processor that can be Reprogrammed via Infrared by the User 
•EN Certification to 1082 feet (330 meters) 
•User-replaceable battery with tissue loading memory 
•Hoseless Gas Integration with True Remaining Bottom Time Calculation 
•Plus all the UWATEC Core Technological Features for which we are renowned 
Optional features which can be purchased separately: 

•Predictive Multi Gas algorithm 
•Exclusive POLAR Heart Rate Monitoring System 
Galileo breaks with the past and the present to deliver the future of diving - today. 


Time is running out… …IIt's now or never!! 

Beginning June 20 through September 30, 2010 only, SCUBAPRO will give you a 100 € credit towards the purchase of a new Galileo SOL or LUNA when you bring in for exchange an AIR X, AIR Z or other old UWATEC dive computer. 

See your local Authorized SCUBAPRO UWATEC dealer for details. 

Technology has evolved, and so have our dive computers. We are giving you an easy way to upgrade to one of our ultimate Galileo models, offering state-of-the art, unique features such as 

•Heart Rate Monitoring system 
•Full tilt digital compass 
•Extra large dot matrix display 
•Huge memory 
•Hoseless gas integration 
•Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops application 
•Apnea mode 
•Predictive multi-gas 
•personalized and easy to use interface 
•User replaceable battery 
•Trimix upgrade and more

All good things must come to an end ---and even if they may still function and are loved by divers worldwide, let’s state the facts: some of these computers are more than 10 years in the market—they are OLD. Once this special offer has expired, SCUBAPRO UWATEC will no longer be able to offer exchanges, returns, replacements or repairs on the AIR X or AIR Z computer series. Battery replacement still available on AIR Z models. 

So take advantage now. Exchange in your old UWATEC computer, get 100 € off the purchase price of a new Galileo SOL or LUNA and see how incredible your dive adventures can be. 

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Education news
Welcome to SSI’S free online training program 

SSI’s Online Training - the scuba diving academics - online are free!! If you decide to continue your education and want to become a certified diver, you will need to sign up for an SSI Open Water class at your local SSI Dive Center.

The SSI Dive Center you choose will have additional training material (such as a DVD, Total DiveLog, etc.) that you will need to purchase inorder to complete your academics. They will have a variety of class times and course fees available for you to choose from. You can pick what best fits your schedule and pocket book.....

In general an Open Water Diver course consists of 3 parts:
Academics, Pool Training and Open Water Sessions

Academics - You can complete them online FREE when you sign up for SSI’s Online Training program, and then attend review sessions at your favorite SSI Dive Center.

Pool Training - you will learn all the skills you will be using in the open water in the safety of a pool.

Open Water Sessions - You will complete at least 4 open water dives and have the chance to experience everything you learned in the pool hands-on. (Open water can be defined as an open body of water such as a lake or the ocean).

After successfully completing the Academics, the Pool and Open Water Sessions you will be certified as SSI Open Water Diver - It's your global license to dive!

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Marine Conservation 
All our daily actions count in determining the future of our planet!
Become water wise! 

When you are brushing your teeth, shaving, or soaping up, you can help conserve the freshwater that is essential for people, and our ocean.

Act for the angelfish by turning off the tap. Watch your daily water use by checking your home's water meter and your water bill to keep track of your overall water usage. Then compare your personal and household consumption to global patterns. Are the results surprising? If what you learn is shocking, then use EPA’s water saving calculator to play your part to become water wise. Also, try getting young people around you involved in saving water..

Turn the tide for turtles by making water wise decisions. One of the best places to start here is with food. The water footprint for food can be astounding. About 60 gallons for a couple servings of potatoes, 72 gallons for a bottle of beer, and over 5,000 gallons for two pounds of beef. Food packaging you choose also makes a difference. Bring and use 
reusable containers to the store, or buy in bulk instead of individually wrapped items.

Make a whale of an effort by buying water efficient appliances. With new technologies, big ticket items are becoming almost 1/3 more efficient then their older counterparts. If you are in the market for a new appliance, make sure you ask your retailer and get equipment approved by a credible certification outfit, such as Energy Star. These appliances work just as well as the older, less efficient ones, their price tags are comparable, and you will save on your water bills in the long run. At the very least you can put a bottle of water in the back of your toilet.

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New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Costa Brava, Spain
Price: 148 Euros

Volunteer divers get free scuba diving when taking part in marine 
conservation research surveys with Kenna Ecodiving in the Mediterranean 
town of L'Escala, Costa Brava. Dive famous sites, like the Medes Islands 
Marine reserve, wrecks and caves. Volunteer to make your dives count and 
get in-depth knowledge of the most productive Mediterranean coastal 
Month of trip August 
Precise date of beginning 31 07 2010 
Precise date of ending 30 09 2010 
Number of available places 6 per week

Price: 999US$
Utopia Village announces our Fall Special. Take advantage of these great rates posted to help stimulate tourism in The Bay Islands. Fall packages starting at just $799 plus tax Non-Diver and $999 plus tax diver. Utopia Village is a remote serene eco resort set on the edge of a pristine reef system. All shore diving is complimentary and unlimited. Enjoy 7n/8d king or double full accommodations, 3 meals daily, five days 2 tank boat dives and much more! 
Month of trip August 
Precise date of beginning: August 1, 2010 
Precise date of ending: November 30, 2010 
Several places available.

Price 500 US$
Comfort Viaggi organizes Surf Trips, Diving Trips, Cultural Trips and Honeymoon Packages in Maldives . We provide all services to make of your Holiday an unforgettable one; we offer you the Best Resorts and Safari Boats, the Best tour Guides, Assistance 24/7 during all your stay, experience the best Surf and Diving instructors, in Maldives; All our Staff is trained to ensure that our clients can spend the perfect 
holiday the way they wish. Our Packages starting from US$ 500
Month of trip May 
Precise date of beginning: 01/05/2010 
Precise date of ending: 30/09/2010 
Nbr. of available places 75

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!

From the web
Kids for saving Earth is a very informative website and is adapted for environmental awareness for children. The issues facing our planet are explained in a simple way so that children can relate and hence play a more active part in conseravtion.
Preserving our planet is a core issue and we must all participate starting with the little ones!

To read more:

Diving business owner and webmaster corner

Is your website ready for the new business wave?
Don't wait to see your competitors very busy before taking action.
As most have had the opportunity to feel, the last crisis had reached it's lowest pont a while back and buiness is now strongly picking up.

On the news, we hear about many industries that were in a critical position announcing a profit of 20%, 30%, 40% in comparison to the same period the previous year.

So make sure your website is brushed up!  Check that  the booking forms are working. If you are too busy for that or if you need specialists for webmastering, programing, Search Engine Optimization or advertising consulting a good address is Scuba Promotion
They are specialized in promoting diving businesses in the internet and in the creation and maintaining of websites.
To read more:


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