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:: Dive show news 
DEMA show November 2012
:: Equipment news
Nauticam unveils new NA-EM5 for Olympus SLRs
:: Education news
NASE Worldwide introduces XTek Programs
:: Marine conservation 
A few tips to conserve our planet and oceans
:: New offers from the last minute board
Enjoy a liveaboard trip in the Maldives this summer
Great diving in Cuba wth return flights from Canada. Outside canada, check with your travel agent
Dive with a rebreather in the Philippines
 Dive show news
Join the thousands of dive industry professionals who will be at the DEMA show this November 14-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
DEMA Show 2012 Offers:

Hundreds of exhibits featuring the leading dive equipment manufacturers, travel destinations, water sports apparel, and services offering tremendous show-exclusive discounts. 
DEMA Sponsored Seminars on state-of-the-industry and current economic topics. 
Image Resource Center (IRC) — an exclusive area of the show floor featuring photo- and video-related exhibitors as well as seminars on how underwater photography and videos can be powerful selling tools for the dive retailer. 
Travel Resource Center (TRC) — another DEMA Show exclusive designed to help you get started as a Dive Travel Specialist and help your business get in on this profit center. 
Dive Training Agency and Exhibitor Sponsored Seminars 
DEMA Awards Party, the premier industry networking event of 2012. 
The exciting after-hours socializing and networking opportunities that Las Vegas offers. 

DEMA Show is produced by DEMA, The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association. To read more:
Equipment news
Nauticam unveils new NA-EM5 for Olympus SLRs
Nauticam has just announced the new NA-EM5 for Olympus’ flagship Micro Four Thirds (m4/3) format camera, the OM-D E-M5. As the dominant force in mirrorless interchangeable lens camera housings, Nauticam continues to bring professional quality engineering to this rapidly expanding segment of the photographic community. The NA-EM5 should prove to be one of the most potent underwater imaging tools ever developed for this segment, proving once again that great things can come in small packages.

With the OM-D E-M5, Olympus has clearly taken the m4/3 format to another level with performance solidly in DSLR territory. Everything about the camera body exudes quality from its solid magnesium construction and extensive weather sealing to its classy retro styling. The new 16 MP MOS Four Thirds format sensor provides excellent image quality with the Truepic V-1 processor and surprisingly good high ISO performance up to a maximum of 25,600. Excellent dynamic range, improved color accuracy and a significant jump in resolution are just some of what can be expected from the E-M5. The new 3” OLED touch sensitive display provides brilliant viewing, while the 1.44M dot electronic viewfinder brings a welcome alternative for image composing. Shutter lag is nonexistent and 9 FPS can be achieved while manually focusing, 4.2 FPS while utilizing the improved continuous AF. Lots of new features like a quick zoom focus check (up to 5X magnification) on the display make fine tuning focus much easier. The Shadow&Highlight screen setting acts as a “false color” mode to help with exposure by painting clipped highlights red and underexposed shadows blue. This method can dramatically increase the ease of exposure adjustments in difficult circumstances. The amount of tools available on the E-M5 definitely justifies spending some time with the PDF manual.
To read more:
Education news
NASE Worldwide introduces XTek Programs
NASE Wordwide has just announced new XTek Technical Diving training courses and workshops.

For divers curious about technical diving, the Technical Basics Workshop introduces divers to equipment selection and configuration, basic gas planning, Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) deployment,as well as proper weighting, trim, and propulsion techniques. Any Advanced Open Water certified diver over age 16 is invited to participate in these workshops.

The NASE XTek Technical Basics Course with Rescue prepares divers with the skill set necessary to complete safe dives within recreational dive limits. To participate, divers must be a certified NASE Rescue Diver and Nitrox Diver (or equivalent). This course includes dives to a maximum of 65’/20m with single gas mixes up to 40% Oxygen. The NASE XTek Technical Basics certification prepares divers to take their diving to the next level in the NASE XTek 45 course.

The NASE XTek 45 prepares divers for safe diving beyond recreational dive limits to depths of 150’/45m with planned decompression using Oxygen mixes up to 100% including the use of back gases and decompression/stage cylinders.

Upon completion of the NASE XTek45, divers are ready for NASE XTek 60 which prepares divers for safe diving to depths of 200’/60m using helium based gas mixtures (trimix). NASE XTek 60 prepares divers to utilize normoxic and hypoxic back gas mixtures.

All NASE XTek courses may be complete in either back mount or side mount configurations. Contact your local NASE instructor or local NASE dive shop for more information. Certified Technical Diving Instructors interested in teaching these courses should contact NASE Worldwide at
Marine conservation
Below are a few tips to hep you promote conservation awareness around you.

Eat locally. Visit a local farmer's market this week and take advantage of the season's local harvest. From the tips provided this month, you can learn more about the food you eat; how much energy and resources are needed to grow and harvest crops and raise livestock and how chemicals are used. Buying local also drastically cuts down on the large carbon footprint from shipping food over large distances. As more and more people buy locally, your community will not only benefit economically, but you will also enjoy the benefits of fresh local food and the satisfaction of making choices that are good for your hometown and our ocean.

Know your seafood choices. When making seafood decisions there are key things to know when trying to eat sustainably. The species of fish, where it comes from, and how it was caught or farmed all play a role in how sustainable the product is. Some species are being overfished to the brink of extinction, some fishing practices kill up to 700% more unwanted fish and animals than intended which ends up being thrown overboard, and some fish farms are damaging to natural ecosystems. Do a little research before you buy and don't be shy to ask. Some seafood has higher level of toxins than others; download one of several simple online pocket guides or the new iPhone app to start making "ocean-friendly" choices that will also be healthier for you and your family.

Educate those around you. Most people don’t know about the threats that face our world’s ocean and its great diversity of life, and that our lives depend on a healthy ocean. You can multiply your good for the planet by talking with friends and neighbors, or helping your place of work or worship become more conscientious on these issues. If you have children, you can help them understand where their food comes from, maybe even visit a nearby farm or a fishing wharf, or start your own small vegetable garden. Investing time in helping your children eat healthy and better understand where their food comes from will pay dividends in their lifetimes.
To read more:

New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price: 2233 USD 
Precise date of beginning 1st August 
Precise date of ending 31st October 
Plan a memorable diving charter with us onboard Princess Ushwa. Princess Ushwa launched in 2011 has 12 cabins which can accommodate 24 passengers. Diving is done on separate support vessel which follows the mother vessel on the entire cruise carrying all equipments for your comfort. The above rate is for Maximum 12 Pax. This is an ideal offer for group of friends, Dive Clubs and Families.

Price: 525.00 USD 
Precise date of beginning 7 September 2012 
Precise date of ending 15 September 2012 
7 days all inclusive at Club Kawana, Cuba. CA$525 without diving/CA$993 with 5 days 2 tank dives. Includes return flights from Toronto dept 7September'12, includes all taxes and much much more. Contact me for more details.

Price 395 USD 
Precise date of beginning 05/01/2012 
Precise date of ending 05/10/2012 
Best offer, Come to dive with a rebreather. Only 2 days training and the rest of your vacation to enjoy your dives. Only 395 USD for a full training. Book now and come see us in the Philippines.

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!


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