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This month in the scuba bulletin:
:: Cozumel underwater shootout 
Join the fun and show off your underwater pics in the Cozumel underwater shootout 
:: Novelties in the scuba resource
GoodDive's updated photo gallery has been released with the new look
Review diving centers in Jamaica with the 4.0 new GoodDive version
:: Dive show news 
DEMA Show 2011 will take place November 2-5, 2011 in Orlando, FL.
:: Travel news
Kalymnos Diving Festival 2011 coming up in July
:: Equipment news
Aqua Lung releases Mikron,  the smallest and lightest weight regulator in the line.
:: Education news
SSI TechXR - Technical Diving Program
:: Marine conservation 
You and I can make a whole difference to the well being of our planet by just following a few tips
:: New offers from the last minute board
Volunteer for  the Kenna Eco Diving Marine Conservation Research Program
Dive the Subic Bay in the Philippines. 
Discover Caymans underwater marvels on board the Cayman Aggressor
:: Diving business owner and webmaster corner
Start using internet marketing today to boost your business to great heights
Cozumel underwater shootout
Underwater Photographers
An exciting event is scheduled to take place in Cozumel, Mexico from the 15th to the 20th of November 2011. Included in the events are contests in different categories which will include, photo seminars, presentations, topside photography and lots of opportunities for all those participating to enjoy and explore Cozumel both underwater and on land.

There are lots of prizes waiting to be awarded and many other attractive offers too.
Included are:
5 nights at the Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel Resort & Spa 
Daily breakfast buffet
Registration fee for the contest 
3 days of 2-tank diving with Scuba Du or a combo of a diving and land tours
Welcome drink and more...
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Novelties in the Scuba Diving Portal
GoodDive's new updated gallery is now online
The new gallery is now online with the new look of GoodDive 4.0. The search function has been updated. Try making a search for a fish by their English or Latin name. You will see that the gallery will return you several pictures of  the requested fish from different angles. We upload new picture daily from contribution of professional and semi professional photographers. 
By now the gallery already has more fishes than several fish books combined.
It really is a great tool for fish recognition.
To visit the gallery:

Divers who dive Jamaica wanted for review
Divers who dive Jamaica wanted for review
Now Jamaica is online with the 4.0 new GoodDive version.
You can now rate and review the diving centers.
Do share your good or bad experiences with the GoodDive community members, they will be grateful.
All you need to do is log in using your GoodDive or facebook account on the top right of the page.
To post your review go to the Jamaica diving centers list

Dive show  news
DEMA members register now to receive early bird pricing on your DEMA show 2011 registration

The DEMA Show 2011 is scheduled to take place from 2-5 November.
Venue:  North Hall of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. 

Register now to experience the face-to-face business, educational and networking opportunities available at the DEMA Show; opportunities that are important for your business success! 

DEMA Show 2011 Offers:
-Hundreds of exhibits featuring the leading dive equipment manufacturers, travel destinations, water sports apparel, and services offering tremendous show-exclusive discounts. 
-DEMA Sponsored Seminars on state-of-the-industry and current economic topics. 
-Dive Training Agency and Exhibitor Sponsored Seminars 
-DEMA Awards Party, the premier industry networking event of the year. 
-Image Resource Center (IRC) an exclusive area of the show floor featuring photo- and video-related exhibitors as well as seminars on how underwater photography and videos can be powerful selling tools for the dive retailer and more.
To read more:
Travel news
Kalymnos Diving Festival 2011 will take place on July 18th-24th, 2011. 
Kalymnos popularly called home of the sponge divers, is having an event in honor of the traditional way of sponge diving. This Diving Festival which is one of the summer's highlights has been organised to attract divers, both advanced and beginners to pay Kalymnos a visit.

During the festival there will be full programs of dive training offered. A competition with 
skandalopetra (the rock used by sponge divers to dive in the past), will also take place and will be open to all ages of participats. 

There will also be museum tours, diving exhibitions, underwater photo competitions and  seminars.

To read more:

Equipment news
Release of Mikron from Aqualung
Have you always wnated a small and light regulator that you could so easily slip into your luggage? Aqualung has released the Mikron which has the advantage of being the smallest and lightest weight regulator in the line. The fact that the regulator is so compact does not affect its performance. Its balanced first and second stages produce extraordinary breathing performance.

The Mikron is compact and light giving a unique diving experience.
The hose is very flexible and weighs less than 5 oz., which provides comfort and excellent packability.
You can have the Mikron in two colors including the new black/pink that matches the ladies segment.
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Education news
Looking for extreme action? Check out SSI's Technical Extended Range Program!
SSI TechXR is a well rounded Technical Diving program designed to take the recreational diver to an extreme level for diving adventures.

It does not matter whether you need the thrills of deep reef diving, greatly extending your bottom time on shallow dives or the excitement of wreck exploratione, SSI TechXR will give the training and experience needed to complete your new adventure with confidence and skill. So don't wait, sign up now.
To read more:
Marine conservation 
How can you personally and your entourage contribute effectively to marine conseravtion?
You could join special organised events or organize your own special event. Have a few  friends come over and explore the coast, or a local body of water should you live inland.  Then pledge and commit to doing more for our shared world ocean.

What better way to relax and to experience the wonders of nature is there than by immersing yourself in its sights, sounds and smells. It does not matter where you live, there are many opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the natural world. You could take a trip to the beach, take a walk or a hike or even have a picnic at the park, take a stroll by the river, lake, or stream or go cycling. 
We are all part of the life; as you enjoy the outdoors think about your connections to the places you are exploring, and absorb and enjoy their special qualities. Let the experience give you new energy and help you commit to living as sustainably as possible.

You do not have to do huge things, small collective efforts will move big mountains when we join hands. Start today.
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New offers from the last minute board
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price: 486 Euro
Two remaining spaces for volunteer divers on Kenna Eco Diving Marine Conservation Research Program carrying out coastal habitat surveys for the Silmar Project. 
Month of trip August 
Precise date of beginning 15.08.11 
Precise date of ending 28.08.11

Price: 80 USD 
Scuba Diving Day Trips in Subic Bay, Philippines. 3-Dive day trip, inclusive of onboard BBQ lunch, refreshments, tanks and weights. Professional UK trained Dive Instructor/Guide, with 4000 dives, tec instructor and 16 years of wreck diving 
experience. Also provide a full range of PADI Courses, TecRec technical diving training and bespoke Skill Workshops. 
Month of trip December 
Precise date of beginning 20 May 2011 
Precise date of ending 31 Dec 2011 
Number of available places 8

Grand Cayman 
Price: 2095 USD
Please join Adventure Scuba Company on the Cayman Aggressor this October. We bought the entire boat for some awesome diving of all three Cayman Islands. No doubt world class diving on the the best Aggressor boat around. This will be a great trip and I am sure will sell out soon. 
Number of available places 6
Month of trip October
Destination (country) Grand Cayman
Precise date of beginning 10-15-11
Precise date of ending 10-22-11

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!

Diving business owner and webmaster corner

Stop guessing, know what is going on
The internet is the most powerfull tool ever created for marketing.
With the internet you can monitor the results precisely and optimize to double, triple, quadruple like no other marketing tool allows.
You can keep track and know exactly from where your customers are coming, what website sent you visitors and which keyword visitors typed in search engines to reach your website
Advanced analytics will show you what keyword has converted to booking.

Scuba Promotion offers distant consultancy for diving business owner all over the world at very interesting prices.
It's always an advantage to work with an agency specialized in the diving industry.
If your hosting company does not offer statistics move your hosting to Scuba Promotion.
Or use google analytics, Scuba Promotion can help you setup your account.
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