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Scuba Bulletin March 2010, a  service of


This month in the scuba bulletin:
:: 2010 Underwater Photo and Video Competition
Enrol now for the 2010 Photo and Video Competitio
:: Breaking news 
Globetrotting' New Worms Discovered on Great Barrier Reef and Swedish 
:: Travel news
Visit Malaysia's biggest dive expo,  Asia Dive Expo 2010.
:: Equipment news
DUI introduces new drysuit. The FLX Extreme.
X-Stream Fin from Mares.
:: Education news
DAN Expands Resources in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine.
:: Marine Conservation 
Save our Ocean Planet by changing your commuter habits. 
:: New offers from the last minute board
Make the Shark experience in South Africa.
Dive Costa Rica in the pristine waters of Isla del Coco.
Charter your own private diving catamaran in Belize.
2010 Underwater Photo and Video Competition
2010 Underwater Photo and Video Competition

We're now accepting 2010 Entries - Deadline is April 1, 1020!
New For 2010 - Shipwreck Photo Category 

Underwater images is operated as an independent underwater photo and video competition. Underwater Images is an Ohio (USA) not-for-profit corporation. Proceeds from the competition are donated to Marine Conservation and Education causes.
You can visit our website to get full details on how to register and to read about the entry rules and  competition rules.
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 Breaking news
Globetrotting' New Worms Discovered on Great Barrier Reef and Swedish 

Between the grains of sand on the sea floor there is an unknown and 
unexplored world. Pierre De Wit at Gothenburg University knows this well, 
and has found new animal species on the Great Barrier Reef, in New 
Caledonia, and in the sea off the Gullmarsfjord in the Swedish county of 

The layer of sand on ocean floor is home to a large part of the vast 
diversity of marine species. Species representing almost all classes of 
marine animals live here. The genus Grania, which belongs to the class of 
annelid worms Clitellata, is one of them.

Grania the globetrotter
Grania is a worm around two centimetres in length and mostly white, which 
is encountered in marine sand throughout the world, from the tidal zone 
to deep down in the ocean. The researcher Pierre De Wit, at the 
Department of Zoology of the University of Gothenburg, is analysing 
exactly how many species of Grania there are and how they are related to 
other organisms.

Four new species
De Wit has conducted studies at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, 
where he and his colleagues have found four entirely new species of the 
Grania worm. One of them is the beautifully green-coloured Grania 
colorata. "These worms are usually colourless or white, and we have not 
been able to work out why this particular species is green," says De Wit.
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Travel news
Asia Dive Expo 2010
ADEX 2010 will be held 9 to 11 April 2010, at Suntec Convention Centre Hall 402. Malaysia. 
Staged annually, ADEX is the region's longest running dive show and a 
must-attend event on the international dive calendar!

Originated by Asian Diver in 1994, the magazine now returns to the helm 
to bring together diving enthusiasts, marine conservationists and all 
those with a passion for the underwater world.

Event theme
Loving Sharks ... find out more about our 2010 dedication to sharks!

Event highlights
•Daily prize giveaways (worth US $200,000) 
•Variety of exciting stage activities from destination updates and 
photography tips to marine encounters and shark conservation!
•Photo and art displays, including a surprise commission and live auction 
•Voice of the Ocean competition gallery, showcasing the short listed 
candidates in this open-to-all visual tribute to our blue planet!
•Try-dives for both scuba and rebreather systems 
•Informative conservation area, with a special focus on the campaign 
against shark-fin soup!
•Kids' interactive zone, designed to inspire a future generation of 
divers and ocean lovers 
•Live video stream of the event and marine videos displayed on the big 
•Celebrity zone, where you can meet our VIPs and even pick-up signed 
•Networking events, including the Saturday Divers' Night party!
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Equipment news
DUI introduces new drysuit.The FLX Extreme
It’s an entirely new combination of DUI’s most popular features. Made 
with a Trilaminate material with polyester outer layers (the same 
material as the top of the FLX50/50) makes it lightweight, durable and 
supple. We’ve designed a completely new overlay to give this drysuit its 
own, unique look. Cordura is used on the upper body and on legs for extra 
durability. To keep this drysuit as sleek and minimalist as possible, we 
only use a black DUI military patch to brand the suit. But don’t let its 
stealth appearance fool you – the DUI FLX EXTREME is going to be the 
hottest thing on the water! 

Features include: 
Sizes: Men’s & Women’s Stock Sizes, Extended Sizes and made-to-order in 
Special Production & Signature Series 
Features: Diagonal front-entry zipper 
Classic Zipper Design 
Telescoping torso, suspenders, crotch strap 
Zipper guard 
Warm neck collar 
Apeks swivel inlet & adjustable, automatic exhaust valves and 36” 
inflator hose with over-sized quick disconnect 
Internal waist adjustment cord 
Double layer material over knee area 
RockBoot™ System or Turbo Sole Boots with Ankle Straps 
Materials: Trilaminate material made of Polyester/Butyl Rubber/Polyester
Cordura upper body overlay and knee overlays 
Special Batch: Black DUI Military and FLX EXTREME patch on right arm 
Bag: DUI drysuit bag, talc and ZipStick 
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X-Stream Fin from Mares
Mares are happy to announce that they have been awarded with the 2010 Red-Dot Design award for our X-Stream Fin! By winning the red dot product design award,
their product will be an exhibition in the red dot design museum for one year,
and will also be featured in the red dot yearbook and website for winning product
design. With thousands of applicants, they are so grateful to be one of the chosen. The designers at Mares are very happy about receiving this award for excellent product design.
For the life cycle of the X-Stream fin, they are now able to place the red-dot logo
on their products and in their catalogs to show people what they were able to achieve.

X-stream comfort, X-ceptional effiiency
• New foot pocket. No parachute effect
• Next generation OPB
• New blade construction for less turbulence

The X-stream performance, comfort and lightweight design are the incredible result of sixty passionate years at the service of diving. The X-stream is truly a leap into the future, and changes forever how we envision the creation of a fi n. More than 2 years of resources, experiments and testing and four Mares patents all concentrated in one unique product.
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Education news
DAN Expands Resources in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine
Affiliation with UCSD means more resources for divers, stronger commitment to education. 

In an ongoing quest to provide the diving community with outstanding medical support, DAN is proud to announce an addition to its quality services with a new affiliation with the Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Department at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). With over 25 years of experience treating dive injuries, the faculty at UCSD is amongst the most experienced in the country. 

"We are extremely pleased to announce an additional university affiliation with experts in diving medicine at the UCSD Medical Center," said Nick Bird, MD, chief medical officer for DAN. "This agreement will provide additional resources for our emergency call center and broaden opportunities for doctors seeking training in diving medicine. We are excited about the expansion of our consultative network and the richness we will receive from collaboration with physicians who share our interest in advancing hyperbaric medicine and who are committed to the care of injured divers." 

Dr. Bird noted that this affiliation will provide an additional group of diving medicine fellows the opportunity to study case management, triage and evacuation, in the wide range of dive settings encountered by our members. 
To read full article:
Marine Conservation 
Improve your commute.
Try going car-free for at least one day this month. Climate change 
interferes with the ocean's role as regulator of our planet's weather, 
causes sea levels to rise, and makes ocean waters warmer, which takes the 
color out of coral reefs.

Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself
to walk very far. - Thomas Jefferson

Act for the angelfish by slowing down. When driving, it's best to become 
a "slow and steady" driver. It may take a new mindset, but try to 
accelerate more gradually and slow down on the roads. The fuel efficiency 
of an average car improves significantly on highways if you don't speed; 
for instance, driving at 75 mph (120km/h) rather than 65 mph (105 km/h) 
increases gasoline use by 25 percent. Fuel efficiency improves even 
further if you slow down to 55 mph (90km/h)! With spring coming (at least 
in the northern hemisphere) you can also begin to think of new ways to 
transport yourself that will help save our ocean planet.

Turn the tide for turtles by becoming a conscientious commuter. Many of 
us are addicted to their cars. Even though there are many easy ways to 
use the car less, with the added benefits of saving money and getting 
much needed exercise. You can walk and bike more often, take public 
transportation regularly, actively seek carpooling partners, suggest 
carless days in your work place, or work from home sometimes. Fewer cars 
on the roads means less greenhouse gas emissions wreaking havoc on coral 
reefs around the world, better air for us all to breathe, and less water 
pollution from runoff from leaking oil and toxic car liquids. 
To read full article:
New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

South Africa
Price: 120 Euros
For the great and best experience with white sharks, 99 percent guarantee to see sharks. 
Precise date of beginning: 01. 01. 2010 
Precise date of ending: 31.12. 2010

Costa Rica
Price:  4'420 US$
Go where few have dived before. A pristine underwater ecosystem awaits you in this adventure of a lifetime. 320 miles off the coast of Costa Rica you will find Isla del Coco, an area National Geographic recently described in their new documentary as the “Serengeti of the Sea”. 4 dives daily and memories for a lifetime. This is a professional level dive and divers need to have full certification to participate.  
Precise date of beginning: June 1st 
Precise date of ending: June 11th

Price: 2300 US$ 
Enjoy a week aboard your own private diving catamaran in Belize. Book a trip for 6 or more and the 7th goes for free. Dive,sail ,fish, kayak, beachcomb, or just relax. Dive off of the beaten path on the second largest barrier reef or 3 atolls. All trips are custom designed for your group.  
Month of trip April 
Precise date of beginning: April 15 
Precise date of ending: April 21 
Number of available places 12

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!


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