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:: Dive show news
Asia Dive Expo will take place from 13th-15th April 2012
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:: Travel news
Aqua Lung is having a DEMO week on Coco's Island from May 25th - June 5th
:: Equipment news
Aeris introduces the ATMOS BC
:: Education news
Video lectures from DAN to help divers prepare for the unforeseen
:: Marine Conservation 
Start making a positive impact on the environment starting in your home now
:: New offers from the last minute board
Dive in Cyprus on the Zenobia, Alexandria and Liberty wrecks
Enjoy diving in Puerto Rico's warm waters
Combine Malta Island and Gozo's best diving at great prices
Dive show news
The ADEX (Asia Dive Expo) will take place from the 13-15 April 2012
The venue is Hall A, Sands Expo and Convention Centre Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

In honour of its 18th birthday this year, the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) is set to be 
bigger and better than ever before! As a leader in Asia’s dive show industry, ADEX 
2012 aims to up the ante by presenting new features for you to look forward to.

In its 18th year, ADEX 2012 will celebrate and support the graceful manta ray

The longest running dive show in Asia, ADEX is organised by underwater3some, and its official publication is Asian Diver. It is the only event to be endorsed by major 
organisations in the industry, such as DEMA, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and 
Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF). ADEX is also a member of Beyond Ocean Network (BON), whose event partners include DEEP Indonesia, MI

Once again, scuba people from around the world will come together to share stories 
and strengthen the business. We are looking forward to seeing you all again, from 
dive shops to equipment manufacturers, from live-aboard owners to dive media 
representatives. And perhaps most importantly, to you divers out there.
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Travel news
Aqua Lung are hosting a DEMO week on Cocos Island
Need to get away? Join Aqua Lung for a DEMO week aboard the newly refurbished Wind Dancer to Cocos Island on May 26 – June 5, 2012!

Enjoy a 10-day charter cruise to Cocos Island aboard a world class live aboard hosted 
by Don Rockwell, CEO of Aqua Lung International and Eric Thorstenson, Aqua Lung 
Director of Engineering. Be the first to dive with an assortment of Aqua Lung's 
latest products, such as buoyancy compensators, regulators, Suunto computers, and 
more! With two of Aqua Lung's finest aboard, this is the perfect opportunity to learn 
what sets Aqua Lung products apart from other brands. In addition, each participant 
will receive a custom embroidered Aqua Lung gear bag shipped to him or her prior to 
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Equipment news

Aeris introduces the ATMOS BC
The best of both worlds. The innovative hybrid air cell design of the ATMOS allows 
the freedom of movement and other benefits you have come to expect from a rear-
inflation BC. However, the unique wrap-around design provides you more lift than most 
BC’s; as well as an improved, upright orientation when on the surface. 

The ATMOS offers multiple adjustment and attachment points, allowing customization of the BC specific to the divers needs. The ATMOS is weight-integrated with a 
combination of dumpable (20 lbs.) and non-dumpable (10 lbs.) weight pockets.

Large, uniquely shaped rear-inflation bladder - Provides maximum amount of lift
Wrap-around air lobes on each side allow for an upright position when on the surface
Integrated Weight System accommodates up to 20 lbs. plus dual 5 lbs. trim weight 
pouches on the back for improved in-water positioning

Padded Backplate featuring a carry handle and extended lumbar support to transfer 
tank weight onto hips, relieving stress on shoulders
Easily adjustable and replaceable depth compensating cummerbund
Tank positioning strap and much more...
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Education news
Newest Addition to DAN Video Lecture Series Helps Divers Prepare for the Unforeseen 
With summer fast approaching, divers nationwide are preparing to get back in the 
water. Fitness programs are underway, gear is being serviced and emergency plans are 
being dusted off and reviewed (or in some cases, created). 

DAN supports that attention to emergency preparation with the latest addition to its 
online video lecture series. “How Good Is Your Emergency Action Plan?” examines the key pieces of an emergency plan, including what information is necessary in a time of crisis and why. 

“DAN is regularly contacted by divers seeking information for their emergency 
assistance plans,” said Marty McCafferty, DAN medical information specialist and 
presenter in the video. “We wanted to include the topic in our video series not only 
to make the answers to their questions more readily available, but because we want to 
help divers understand that the middle of an emergency is not the time to start 
thinking about how you’ll respond.” 

In addition to reviewing the components every emergency assistance plan should 
contain, the 40-minute lecture also shares recommendations based on the experience of 
medical professionals, dive industry professionals and DAN staff. 
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Marine Conservation

Why wait? Start making a positive change now for the environment 
Use ocean-friendly cleaners. A little baking soda, vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice 
and other common household items can go a long way towards keeping your home fresh, clean and safe, while protecting your own health and the health of our ocean. 

Reduce waste while cleaning. If you do buy commercial cleaning products, make sure to avoid those labeled dangerous or poisonous, they likely contain ingredients that can be deadly for all sorts of life. Instead, purchase non-toxic household cleaners in 
concentrated or bulk versions to reduce packaging waste. Using fewer disposable 
products benefits the ocean. Save old socks and shirts to use as washable rags for 
cleaning and dusting. Paper towel production costs trees and most times involves 
bleaching with chlorine that pollutes waterways. Plastics are nearly all oil-based — 
they pollute our waterways, choke animals and are creating a sea of plastic. 

Create a less hazardous home. Say "Yes" to a healthier home and a living ocean by 
making the switch from toxic products to effective non-toxic and "green" alternatives. In addition to home cleaners, many homes are full of other hazardous materials, such as paint, yard chemicals, and pesticides. Learn more about household hazardous waste. Find the proper recycling centers for all your household products and dispose of them safely. Batteries are an example — unless recycled, they end up in landfills and corrode, leaching poisons into groundwater and local water supplies for years to come. Consider investing in greener, rechargeable batteries. They cost more up front, but will save you money over time, and help our ocean planet.
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New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price 355 EUR 
Month of trip April 
Precise date of beginning 01/04/2012 
Precise date of ending 31/05/2012 
Number. of available places 20 
5 Days Diving with 7 nights B&B at Windmills Apartments Price includes: All equipment 
required, Airport collection and return. 5 Days diving (2 dives per day) 3 Great 
Wrecks The Zenobia, The Alaxandria and the Liberty

Puerto Rico 
Month of trip August 
Precise date of beginning 08/01/2012 
Precise date of ending 12/31/2012 
Number. of available places 8 
Diving 180 degrees from the ordinary, Finally a dive operation that 
caters to your needs whatever they may be. Dive when you want, where you want, how you want and as often as you want. Our speciality is small private groups of 
experienced divers and dive clubs/dive shops/dive travel groups. We have no outside 
clients, only private groups. Complete “turnkey” operation including transfers to and 
from airport, accommodations, diving and courtesy van/car. Set your own price August 
– November!

Price 265 EUR 
Month of trip June 
Precise date of beginning June 2012 
Precise date of ending July 2012 
Number. of available places 15 
We have an existing group scuba diving package to Malta & Gozo. Price ranges from 225 Euros depending on accommodation required. Luxury villa accommodation for large groups is available and great prices. Large discounts available for large groups. 
Existing package includes 10 dive packs. Equipment hire will be additional. Currently 
includes day boat trip to Gozo to dive the best sites in Gozo. Great opportunity to 
obtain a great quality low price diving package.

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!


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