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Scuba Bulletin May 2008 a courtesy service of


This month in the scuba bulletin:
:: Novelties in the scuba resource
Jamaica Dive Guide
:: Travel news
Dominica Announces The Annual Dive Festival
:: Equipment news
Pegasus BC vest from Mares
New housings for underwater cameras from Fantasea
:: Education news
DAN and CMAS Announce Alliance
:: Marine Conservation 
Create an ocean-friendly lawn and garden
:: New offers from the last minute board
Three offers from the last minute board
:: From the Forum
Three interesting topics from the forum
:: Diving business owner and webmaster corner
Every month we present a few tips to help you increase your sales using the scuba diving portal.
Novelties in the Scuba Diving Portal:
Dive Guide, Jamaica
New, the Jamaica diving guide is now complete. The dive guide counts more than 16 information filled pages. Jamaica has been sorted by region and each region has it's own diving guide which includes dive site descriptions per region with highlights about what to see underwater in each region. 
For every region a map showing the situation and depths has been included making it easy to see the area with the best potential for diving. 
The photo gallery shows the type of fauna and flora to be seen while diving in Jamaica. All the photos are shot by professional or semi-professional photographers which gives a choice of superb photos. The gallery is constantly growing and being updated regularly with new photos.
Also incorporated is a list of the diving centers of each region.
It's also got its own forum in the regional forum for discussions about diving in Jamaica or trips starting from the Jamaica.
This is a great tool for the Jamaica diving society and for people coming from abroad to plan their vacation and for dive professionals to find the best locations and diving centers on place. Dive professionals located in Jamaica can also find useful contacts and information here.
Take a tour of  the guide:
Travel news

Dominica Announces The  Annual Dive Festival
The annual event takes place in from 11th – 20th July 2008

Dive Fest is an annual event sponsored by the DWA to focus attention on the sport of scuba diving, to educate the public about Scuba Diving (as a tourism product and a career path), and to raise awareness about Dominica's stunning and unique marine environment.

The first Dive Fest was held in 1994 and while it has grown in popularity and activities over the past decade, there are several events that make up its core. This is a truly unique event in the Caribbean!

“Dive Fest was established to showcase the incredible marine environment of Dominica to both visitors and residents and is now one of the island's staple events” comments Steve Bornn, Director of Tourism at the Discover Dominica Authority. “The community gets into the spirit of proceedings to create a fun, family festival, so visitors get deeply involved with co-mingling in the colourful villages as they enjoy everything else the ’Nature Island’ has to offer – beautiful scenery and endless adventures above and below the surface of the ocean.”

Dive Fest is organised by the Dominica Watersports Association (DWA). The DWA’s President Simon Walsh comments: “Getting children into diving and snorkelling is one of our greatest aims, and seeing the excited reactions as they surface from their first reef dive never fails to reward. It is also a great means of educating people how to dive responsibly – both for their own safety and for the preservation of our reefs. Dominica is internationally recognised for the health of its marine life and we intend to keep it that way for future generations.”

Dive Fest offers great diving, discounted packages, the newest hi-tech cameras and equipment to try, photography seminars and workshops and some great prizes -- from cases of Kubuli (our local prize-winning beer) to phones from Cable and Wireless and other great prizes from Oceanic and Sealife. 
Read more about the Dive Fest:

Equipment news

PEGASUS BC vest …Simply the ideal travel-wing from Mares. 

Further simplicity for an even lighter BC. The inflation bladder is 100% in the rear of the BC enabling high lift capacity, reducing bulk in the front area for an unrestricted feel and maximum freedom of movement. This high lift back mounted construction with pre-shaped shoulder straps and dual position adjustable chest strap is ideal for best fit. 
Heavy-duty technopolymer D-rings, removable crotch strap and roll up zippered pocket. MRS is included for an optimal ballast with a mechanical release system… a simple click ensures easy and secure storage of the weight pockets. 
Lightweight, streamlined, easy to pack and hassle free … this is what we need in today’s world of travel, more and more strictly confined by airline weight restrictions. Pegasus design encompasses the essential elements to be travel friendly … 
That’s all you wish to simply travel and dive!
Read more:

New Fantasea Housings for the following cameras: 

Nikon Coolpix L15, L16 & L18, P5000 & P5100, S51, S52 & S52c, S210, S600
Nikon D40, D40X and new D60 DSLR Cameras
Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS/IXUS 80 IS
More information and images of these housings:

Education news

DAN and CMAS Announce Alliance

Divers Alert Network® and the American chapter of the Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS AMERICAS) recently announced a new training alliance. As part of the alliance, CMAS AMERICAS now incorporates DAN training programs into its own training.

Frank Toal, president and CEO of CMAS AMERICAS, said DAN is obviously the industry leader when it comes to oxygen and other emergency training programs. “DAN literally wrote the book on it,” Toal said. “So when we wanted to incorporate this important information into our training schedule, we naturally turned to the ones who started it all.”

The alliance begins with the training of CMAS AMERICAS Instructors and the requirement that all CMAS Instructors also carry DAN Instructor credentials. From there, provider-level DAN programs will be taught from the CMAS Two-Star Diver courses through all subsequent levels of training.

Dan Orr, DAN president and CEO, said DAN is delighted to incorporate DAN programs into the CMAS AMERICAS training structure. “It is another example of agency cooperation working to improve dive safety,” Orr said. “The focus of this particular alliance on information and education reinforces one of the core tenets of DAN’s mission — the promotion of dive safety through education. We applaud CMAS’s dedication to this end, and we deeply appreciate its support of DAN through the use of our programs.”

When CMAS AMERICAS looked at how to offer the best, most up-to-date information on diver first aid and safety, Toal said the alliance with DAN was the obvious answer. “DAN is the leader in the field, and it produces the best training programs and support materials available in the industry,” Toal said.

The world’s first international diver training organization, CMAS was founded in 1959 in Monaco by a confederation of 15 countries (including the United States) to establish an international diver-training standard. Organized under the direction of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the father of the modern sport of scuba diving, CMAS now has a membership of more than 100 countries. CMAS is headquartered within the International Olympic Committee building in Rome, Italy. CMAS AMERICAS' courses are offered by CMAS Instructors, meet CMAS standards and, as such, are recognized worldwide. For more information on CMAS and CMAS AMERICAS, go to

Divers Alert Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of recreational scuba divers. Founded in 1980, DAN has served as a lifeline for the scuba industry by operating the only 24-hour diving emergency hotline, a lifesaving service for injured divers. DAN operates a diving medical information hotline, conducts vital diving medical research and develops and provides a number of first-aid and continuing education programs for everyone from beginning divers to medical professionals. For more information about DAN, visit

Marine conservation
While doing your lawn maintenance and gardening, remember that what we do at home does impact the ocean. Consider these ideas for a "green" lawn and garden while protecting the health of your family and our extended ocean family!
  1. Make your lawn children-friendly. Chemicals used on lawns and gardens can harm pets and are also poisonous to children, as well as downstream ocean creatures. More than 70 million pounds of toxic lawn pesticides are applied annually in the U.S. alone, and much ends up as runoff when heavy rains or excessive watering carries them into streets, storm drains and the water supply. Take advantage of non-toxic options for controlling lawn and garden pests.
  2. Green your lawn, save some green. Beautify your home and yard by adding flower boxes and planting a mini organic herb and vegetable garden in your backyard or in pots. Not only will you enjoy your favorite fresh seasonings and veggies, you'll also take a little carbon out of the air, as well as save money at the grocery store and on getting there. Herb and vegetable gardens are also great projects to do with kids!
  3. Plant wisely. Landscaping your yard can be an act of ocean conservation, wildlife protection, and energy savings. You can save energy with energy efficient landscaping such as evergreen trees on the north side and deciduous (leafy) trees on the south side of your home to block winter winds and summer sun.

    Using low maintenance native plants that are adapted to your local environment and don
    t need much watering or pesticides, saves you time and money. Native plant species are also best for your region’s native animals, including butterflies and birds, providing a much needed refuge and food source.

  ...and three for the seas

  1. Create a truly "green" lawn. If you have a grassy lawn, you can help protect the ocean by using your grass clippings as yard mulch instead of applying fertilizers. If your lawn still needs some extra TLC, fertilize only once a year, whenever heavy rains are less likely to occur, to maximize your fertilizer and prevent excess nutrient runoff from polluting your local waterways and, eventually, the ocean.

    Before fertilizing it's always wise to learn a little about your soil and test your soil
    s nutrient levels to determine how much extra nutrients it'll need, if any at all. Organic fertilizer is now widely available, and is safer for your health and the ocean's.
  2. Be water wise. There are many easy ways to minimize the amount of water you use in your yard with big benefits all around. Start by fixing leaky hoses, switching to "smart" water sprinklers or getting back to basics by using a simple watering can to target plant roots – you'll enjoy the water savings and the extra time to stop and smell the roses.

    Other easy ways to save include watering during the cooler hours of the day, keeping your grass at least 3 inches to reduce moisture loss, and investing in a rain barrel to save rainfall for a dryer day.
  3. Become a professional green gardener. Take some time to educate yourself more about the practices and benefits of green gardening. For new green gardeners, take time this month to learn the basics. For experienced green gardeners, stay on the cutting edge by updating yourself on some of the new information and technologies out there.

    Share what you are learning with others in your community and beyond. The more people that know how simple it can be to make a difference the bigger that difference will become. What you are learning and sharing will truly benefit your own community, the global community, and the ocean community.
New offers from the last minute board
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

South Africa
Price: 200US$
Explore the stunning reefs of Southern Africa with this incredible selection of great diving experiences in Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. All dive trips can be combined with fantastic African wildlife experiences. Visit or email for more information.
Validity: Until 12/07/2008

Price: 340 EUR
Scuba diving Course with the Spiro Sub Elba PADI dive center. Dive Center since 1974. Duration: 5 days, starting from 10 years old. Maximum depth: 18 metres. The most recognized beginner's certification worldwide that allows you to dive independently with your buddy to a recommended maximum depth of 18 meters. Every Monday afternoon we start a PADI Open Water course at 14:00 hours. During the course have time to study your Open Water Diver Manual, and the Dive Table. You do the dives together with an instructor and maximum 5 students.
Validity: Through 2008

Price: 216 EUR
Get your PADI Open Water Course with the best 5 Star IDC and CDC Dive Center on Koh Tao.Ban's Diving Resort.One of the best Dive Resort in the world.It's only 216
Euro for the course with 5 nights accommodation by swimming pool.
Validity: Through 2008 

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!
From the Forum

Here are three interesting discussions featuring in the forum:

Most replied to thread:
Read here: Most durable regulator

Most viewed thread:
Read here: The best scuba dive sites to swim with sharks

Most popular forum:
Read here: Scuba diving travel 

Diving business owner and webmaster corner
Every month we present a few tips to help you increase your sales using the scuba diving portal.
For advertising regularity is most important. If you have 1000$ for example to spend on advertising, you're better off making an ad for 83$ a month valid for 12 months than 1 month at 1000$. The result for the same amount will be much greater. This applies to budgets of all sizes. This month GoodDive has a special offer limited in time for advertising through one year. Depending on the budget this package can be bought several  for parallel campaigns which will also double, triple, quadruple the results.

Special offer limited in time.
Advertising package that includes 1 small (120x80 pixels) and 1 big banner (468x60 pixels) + a registration on top of the listing.
This great value advertising package costs only 99US$ per month for subscriptions with
a credit card or 990US$ including 2 months free for yearly payments.

Package includes
·  Upgrade your listing to the top of the page in the directory and in the dive guide
· Add your logo next to your listing on top
·  One advertising banner 468X60 pixels
·  One advertising banner 120X80 pixels
·  Banners appear randomly on top of all relevant pages of your company and region as    well as in the forum, photo gallery, last minute board, maps and directory.
·  Online statistics to track your success
·  Our award winning designer can design the necessary banners for free
 To take advantage now or to get more information contact

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