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This month in the scuba bulletin:
:: Photo and Video shootout contest
A Photo and Video Shootout competition at the 2011 Underwater Festival, Australasia
:: Breaking news 
Discovery of Nine Potentially New Marine Species on Bali Reefs
:: Travel news
Dive Fest, Dominica's Annual Scuba Diving Event coming up in July
:: Equipment news
New Dive Organizer Software release. A Mares and DAN coorperation
:: Education news
The DAN® Student Membership Program enrolment is now on
:: Marine Conservation 
Help conserve our planet by making some small changes in your everyday life
:: New offers from the last minute board
Dive in the Philippine's Subic Bay
Don't miss the Whale Shark diving in Belize from May to June
Book a trip on board the Cayman Agressor and dive all 3 Cayman islands
:: Diving business owner and webmaster corner
Get an anylysis of your website now to see how to increase your sales  
Photo and Video shootout contest
The Underwater Festival 2011
Held annually, the 5th Underwater Festival™ 2011 (UF11) will be the biggest one yet. With the tagline 'The Australasia Challenge' it will incorporate an Australasia-wide simultaneous photo and video shootout competition like no other with over 

UF11 will feature a shootout competition that happens simultaneous all over Australasia - 25 countries spanning both hemispheres - every dive you can imagine will be a shootout locality, every dive centre, liveaboard, resort in the area will facilitate this new kind of shootout. You can dive your local favourite spots, go out with your dive club or shore dive with your buddy

Become part of this huge event and not unlike an underwater 'Earth Hour' help to highlight the underwater beauty but also the underwater issues of this fantastic bioregion and help to show the world what we've got to lose.
The Underwater Festival shootout competition is open to entrants of all skill levels. Only judges are excluded from entering

Mark these days in your calendar - you have 10 days to shoot - from the 2nd to the 11th of September 2011.
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 Breaking news
New marine species found off Indonesia's Bali coast
Nine potentially new marine species -- eight fish and one coral -- have been discovered during a recent two-week marine survey in Indonesia.

Conservation International/Mark ErdmannConservation International, a  Washington-based research group, conducted the survey at the request of Balinese officials who wanted to assess the health of area reefs. 
Scientists found the reefs to be recovering but still in need of protection. They also found what they called "omnipresent" plastic pollution.

Among the potentially new species are two types of cardinalfish, two varieties of dottybacks, a garden eel, a sand perch, a fang blenny, a new species of goby and a previously unknown Euphyllia bubble coral. The survey, along with a previous one in November 2008, documented 953 species of reef fish and 397 species of coral in the waters off the coast of Bali
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Travel news
Plan a vacation to Dominica on the occasion of the Annual Dive Fest.
Dive Fest 2011: July 8th to 17th
Make your travel arrangements early!

Dive Fest is an annual event hosted by the Dominica Watersports 
Association. Its purpose is to educate the public about scuba diving, 
which is one of Dominica's main tourist attractions... and to have lots of 
fun while doing it!

Dominica's Dive Fest is the longest running Diving Festival in the 
Caribbean. 2011 marks the 18th consecutive year that the Dominica 
Watersports Association has presented this event.

* Learn more about the DWA and Dive Fest.
* See images and read updates from previous Dive Fests under "Related Links" (at right).
* Check the schedule of Dive Fest events
* Don't miss the grand finale event on the last Sunday: the Kubuli Carib Canoe Race in Soufriere. 
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Equipment news
Mares: 100% compatible with DAN DL7

With the new Dive Organizer Software release, 100% logbook compatibility with the DAN database DL7 is now available.

Mares has been implementing Dive Organizer for ICON HD, NEMO WIDE, NEMO AIR and PUCK with a new application that makes it compatible with the database used by DAN for their research on decompression sickness.
How does it work? Every diver will be able to create what we call a “DAN EVENT”. Here the diver will need to fill some important data about the dives he wants to share with DAN. 

There are three types of information required:
- information about the dive site itself;
- personal information about the diver;
- information about the group of dives that belong to this “DAN Event”.

Once the diver enters all the information, it’s just a matter of a click and the file will be sent directly to DAN and will be implemented in the database used for statistics and research.
This is a very important step that includes direct cooperation between the diving industry and researchers, with the goal of improving divers’ safety. This allows the DAN research field to enlarge its sample to all divers using Mares computers supporting the Dive Organizer.
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Education news
DAN Student Membership Program a Great Path to Dive Safety

Complimentary Program Offers Both Students and Instructors Reasons to Use It 

The DAN® Student Membership Program has long been a fantastic way for instructors to introduce their entry-level students to good dive safety practices and DAN itself. As summer approaches and classes begin to fill, now is the time to get reacquainted with the program to ensure everything it has to offer is utilized. 

The complimentary program offers new divers up to $20,000 of recompression treatment insurance as well as valuable information throughout the course of their training, introducing them both to DAN and to the value of adopting safe diving practices. 

Instructors who enroll students in the program add a layer to their risk-management procedures and enjoy the opportunity to earn DAN Points that can be applied toward the purchase of products and membership. 

“The DAN Student Membership Program is specifically designed to give instructors the means of teaching their students the value of safe diving practices,” said William M. Ziefle, CEO of DAN Holdings. “We want students, from the very first day of class, to understand DAN and what a resource it is to all divers, so we created a program that dovetails naturally with entry-level scuba training and places no financial obligation on either the student or instructor.” 

The DAN Student Membership Program is available to any entry-level student residing in the United States or Canada, as well as all certified scuba instructors in the same territory. Instructors do not have to be DAN Members or Instructors, but they do have register with DAN as an instructor using the program. Enrollment in the program lasts six months or through the end of the student’s final certification dive, whichever comes first. Student Membership begins as soon as enrollment is complete, and there is no cost to either instructors or students to use the program. 
To read more:
Marine Conservation 
A few tips to improve our environment and conserve our planet
Take some time to learn about the practices and benefits of green gardening. The basics are easy for growing some of your own organic food. Beautify your home and yard by adding flower boxes and planting a mini organic herb and vegetable garden in your backyard or in pots. Herb and vegetable gardens are also great projects to do with kids! 

Make your lawn and garden ocean friendly. Minimize the amount of water you use in your yard by fixing leaky hoses and switching to smart water sprinklers or drip irrigation. Low maintenance native plants that are well adapted to your local environment and don't need much water or fertilizer will also save you time and money. Switch to non-toxic alternatives to commonly used poisonous lawn pesticides which rain can wash into storm drains and water supplies, harming ocean creatures downstream. 

Make a whale of an effort by getting your whole community involved. Share what you are learning with others in your community. The more people who know how simple it can be to make a difference, the greater the positive difference! What you are learning and sharing will truly benefit your own community, and the ocean community. And if you are really inspired, work to create a community garden.
To read more:
New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price: 80 USD
Scuba Diving Day Trips in Subic Bay, Philippines. 3-Dive day trip, inclusive of onboard BBQ lunch, refreshments, tanks and weights. Professional UK trained Dive Instructor/Guide, with 4000 dives, tec instructor and 16 years of wreck diving experience. Also provide a full range of PADI Courses, TecRec technical diving training and bespoke Skill Workshops. 
Month of trip December
Number. of available place 8
Precise date of beginning 20 May 2011
Precise date of ending 31 Dec 2011

Price: 185 USD
Whale Shark Diving in Belize! Don't miss the amazing opportunity to dive with the biggest fish in the world. We have only few spaces left for May and June! 
Month of trip May
Precise date of beginning May 18
Precise date of ending May 26
Number. of available places 12

Grand Cayman 
Price: 2095 USD
Please join Adventure Scuba Company on the Cayman Aggressor this October. We bought the entire boat for some awesome diving of all three Cayman Islands. No doubt world class diving on the the best Aggressor boat around. This will be a great trip and I am sure will sell out soon. 
Number of available places 6
Month of trip October
Destination (country) Grand Cayman
Precise date of beginning 10-15-11
Precise date of ending 10-22-11

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!

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