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This month in the scuba bulletin:
:: Dive show news
The Swiss dive show will take place from 31st Jan to 3 Feb 2013
:: Breaking news 
Blind cat fish species are discovered
:: Equipment news
Diving Unlimited Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification 
:: Education news
Divers Alert Network Unveils Year-Round Protection for Travelers
:: Marine conservation 
A tidy way to combat the problem of marine debris
:: New offers from the last minute board
Discover the great diving Malta has to offer on daily dives
Dive in the pristine waters of Eilat, Israel and Egypt 
Dive show news
Tauchmesse (Dive Show) taking place in Switzerland in February from 31st Jan to 3 Feb 2013
At the which has become a tradition at the FESPO, find underwater friends everything about diving: Diving tips of up to specialist tour operators with the most beautiful destinations. The that by the 31st FESPO January to 3 Held in February 2013 proves well that fit together perfectly and diving trips.

This year presents Sharkproject Switzerland the MS HAITANIC as a special show of
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 Breaking news
Blind cat fish species discovered
A new species of blind cat fish has been discovered by scientists working in south India.
This, along with other new animals, were identified in an old deep well in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

The new blind cat fish, which is blood red in colour, has an elongated body measuring about 3.8cm in length.

The scientists say the find sheds light on hitherto unexplored subterranean habitats in India.

The new species of blind cat fish has been named Horaglanis abdulkalami after former Indian President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

It was meant as a tribute to his contributions to science and science education, the discoverers said.

The unique character of H. abdulkalami is it's red blood colour. The scientists say the fish are able to feed on minute organic matter in the soil.

Kerala's wetlands provide an ideal habitat for such animals. Species like the catfish are key to maintaining these ecosystems, since their faeces provide sustenance to other species.

The researchers are working to sequence the catfish's genome, to determine whether it might be related to any other species within India or in other countries.
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Equipment news
Diving Unlimited Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification again

For almost 50 years, Diving Unlimited International, Inc., the world’s leader in designing and manufacturing drysuits, has had the highest quality standards for its products and services.
Nothing underlines that more than the extensive process of ISO Certification.

Therefore it is with great pride that DUI announces that we have again received our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

DUI ISO CertificationWhat is ISO 9001:2008?

ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard that gives requirements for an organization’s Quality Management System (QMS). It is part of a family of standards published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These standards have extensive requirements which an organization needs to fulfill to achieve customer satisfaction through consistent products and services which meet customer expectations. This includes a requirement for continual (i.e. planned) improvement of the Quality Management System.
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Education news
Divers Alert Network Unveils Year-Round Protection for Travelers
Latest DAN program takes coverage for adventure seekers and tourists to a new level

Divers around the world have long enjoyed the security and protection of having Divers Alert Network (DAN) membership and insurance. With a continued focus on security, the DAN team is pleased to announce the launch of the new Annual Travel Insurance program that will extend DAN’s coverage and travelers’ confidence beyond a single trip. 

Developed in consultation with travel professionals and after extensive research with active travelers, the new DAN Annual Travel Insurance program provides coverage for trip cancellation, medical and dental expenses, emergency evacuation, loss or delay of equipment and 24-hour travel consultation and assistance. 

DAN Annual Travel Insurance is not based on age, trip cost or duration and provides coverage at three different levels with yearly premiums starting at just under $300. For one flat fee, travelers are covered for all trips more than 100 miles away from home taken over a 12-month period. 
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Marine conservation 
Here's a tidy way to combat the problem of marine debris:
Soap bottles partially made from plastic recovered from the seas. Available at Whole Foods Market and, the 2-in-1 dish and hand soap comes from Method, makers of environmentally safe cleaning products. The blend of recovered ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic produces a battle-ship gray resin container — the raw materals are collected from beaches in Hawaii.

"As a small soap company, we know we can’t clean up the world’s oceans," Method's release explains. "But we can raise awareness about the issue and use our business to demonstrate smart ways of using and reusing the plastics that are already on the planet. We think the best way to do that is by proving that solutions exist, even at a small scale."
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New offers from the last minute board 
Here are two offers from our last minute board.

Price: 235 Eur 
Great prices on all scuba diving packages to Malta & Gozo to include PADI courses, BSAC courses and dive packs. Equipment hire available and luxury self catering accommodation. Get a quotation on the same day as your enquiry. Visit or visit our blog on for great articles on scuba diving in Malta & Gozo.

Eilat, Israel & Egypt 
Price: 1399 USD 
5 days scuba diving courses and chartered yacht. Various courses at different levels offered.
You'll board the 20 meters sailing boat with it's prestige original look well maintained and serviced. With a full crew to serve throughout our journey. On board You'll pampered with a full service to your expectations. Full accommodations Amenities on board 3 Meals Variety of Beverages Water Activities Jacuzzi Relaxing lounge, barbecue, fishing Guide Eilat, Israel Night Life and bars to enjoy on return to Eilat, Israel This is a dream for a diver to learn scuba diving. On hand in the ocean and aboard a yacht will provide you; the skills that a true diver needs to attain. Learn what many other new divers do not learn until they reach their 100th dive. Gain this knowledge in an instance with our cruise and diving package. This package includes everything that you'll need there are no extra costs nor fees. for the duration of your course and cruise this is an all expenses paid.

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!


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