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Scuba Bulletin Oct. 2009 a courtesy service of


:: Novelties in the scuba resource
Dive guide of the Maldives
:: Dive Show news

DEMA Show 2009 

:: Travel news
Coromandel dive festival 2009 New Zealand
2009 Scuba Diving Symposium Bahamas
:: Equipment news
Mares launches ICON HD computer
:: Education news
Industry’s First-ever Online Dive Computer Training Class Set to Launch
Web based seminars from DAN
:: Marine Conservation 
Hawaiian Monk Seals face extinction
:: New offers from the last minute board
Check out some of the latest last minute offers:
7 days diving, full board  in the Philippines, 1'195$
Liveaboard diving in Costa Rica, 2'700US$
3 months Scuba training in Vietnam, 500$
:: From the Forum
Catch up on what is  what is being discussed in the Scuba diving travel forum and in the ultimate dive holiday thread and share experiences
:: Diving business owner and webmaster corner
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Novelties in the Scuba Diving Portal:
New Dive Guide, the Maldives
The Maldives diving guide  now counts more than 22 information filled pages. The Maldives has dive site descriptions with highlights about what to see underwater. 
A map showing the situation and depths has been included making it easy to see the area with the best potential for diving. 
The photo gallery shows the type of fauna and flora to be seen while diving in the Maldives. All the photos are shot by professional or semi-professional photographers. The gallery is constantly growing and being updated regularly with new photos.
Also incorporated is a list of the diving centers, liveaboards, shops and schools of the Maldives.
This is a great tool for the Maldives diving society and for people coming from abroad to plan their vacation and for travel agents, tour operators, instructors traveling with their groups to find the best locations and diving centers on place. Dive professionals located in the Maldives can also find useful contacts and information here.
Take a tour of the guide:
Dive Show News

DEMA Show 2009 is the international trade-only event for the diving, action water sports and travel industries.

Join the thousands of dive industry professionals that will discover the POWER of DEMA Show this November 4-7 in Orlando, FL.

Here is what you will find at DEMA Show 2009:

  • Hundreds of exhibits featuring the leading dive equipment manufacturers, travel destinations, water sports apparel, and services.
  • DEMA Sponsored Seminars on state-of-the-industry and current economic topics.
  • DEMA Retailer Resource Center (RRC) -- an interactive display area and educational program that provides retailers with the latest tools and industry best-practices.
  • Image Resource Center (IRC) -- an exclusive area of the show floor featuring photo- and video-related exhibitors as well as seminars on how underwater photography and videos can be powerful selling tools for the dive retailer. 
  • Dive Training Agency and Exhibitor Sponsored Seminars
  • DEMA Awards Party, the premier industry networking event of 2009.
  • The exciting after-hours socializing and networking opportunities that Orlando offers.

DEMA Show is produced by DEMA, The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association. For more information about DEMA visit

Travel news
Coromandel dive festival Dive Festival 2009 27, 28 & 29 November
Come along and join us for the 5th annual Coromandel Dive Festival.
Off the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, the Coromandel Dive Festival is a refreshing chance to escape the summer heat. Scuba fans can immerse themselves in underwater photography competitions, chocolate scallop hunts, the Scuba Olympics and a Roman Toga Ball. The venue is Whitianga Beach, Various, Whitianga in Waikato, New Zealand.
To read more:

2009 Scuba Diving Symposium
Nov 8th to 12th, Nassau, Bahamas
The Bahamas Diving Association jointly with the  Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has announced  a POST-DEMA FAM trip. This 3 day trip will focus on  meeting our dive operators and learning about diving in The Islands of The Bahamas. It's open for diving professionals, media and travel trade (dive retailers, dive travel sellers, travel agents, wholesalers, and media). The price is set at 99US$ and includes hotel accommodation, Meals, Diving and Round Trip Airfare from Orlando (A $200 airfare allocation will be offered for those not wanting to depart from Orlando (MCO).

Please note that attendance is by invitation only. Space is limited to 50 attendees. Therefore if you would like to attend you may request an invitation on the Bahamas Diving Association’s website at this special location:
Read more:

Equipment news
ICON HD is now available!

• TFT LCD color display.
• Double diving mode options, Extend and Profile
• Stores images and dive site maps.

ICON HD is a True full-color display computer. Its screen is made using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology.

An intuitive software, the use of large characters, and the contrast created by using different colors, makes the on screen information easy to read, immediate and clear.

During the dive besides the standard navigation mode EXTEND, divers can switch to a second dive mode PROFILE. ICON HD processes and shows the full dive curve in real time. The computer’s memory allows the storage of images and photos, including digital maps of diving spots.

For more information please click here:®ion=ALL

Education news
Industry’s First-ever Online Dive Computer Training Class Set to Launch
New program, spearheaded by Oceanic Worldwide, is designed to help new divers and student divers to learn how to use the 
Veo 100 dive computer in a simple, interactive and effective way

Oceanic, together with its online training development partner DiveNav, unveils the first online dive computer course, specifically highlighting the Oceanic Veo 100 dive computer. The Veo 100 Specialty Class is the FIRST ever available online dive computer class designed to teach divers how to use a SPECIFIC dive computer. Professionally made, interactive and effective multimedia audio / visual packaged in a cost effective online class that will make for an enjoyable user experience. 
Once taken, the Specialty Class doubles as an online multimedia Operating Manual that can be consulted from anywhere around the world. 

A video demonstrating the Veo 100 Online Specialty Class may be seen now at v=RZc5UXM3Qu8

"Together with DiveNav, we have designed this class specifically for retailers", said Doug Krause of Oceanic Worldwide. "to better allow them to incorporate the Veo 100 into their Open Water Training. While this specific class highlights the Veo 100, 
it will certainly NOT be the last online dive computer training program Oceanic will be involved with.”

"The Veo 100 is an easy to use, affordable and robust dive computer specifically designed for the new diver and the student 
diver", said Alberto Mantovani, President and CEO of DiveNav, "and we are honored to have collaborated on this project 
with Oceanic, one of the most innovative companies in the scuba industry.", he concluded...

The Veo 100 Online Specialty Class is available at:

Web based seminars from DAN:
DAN offers web-based seminars to allow you to learn about diving and dive medicine in the comfort of your home. This is ideal as you can pick the seminars you're interested in and do them at your own pace. Below is a list of the seminars offered: 

Breathing Underwater is an Unnatural Act
Diving is easy under ideal conditions, but life on dry land doesn’t prepare us for the underwater environment where conditions can be far from ideal. How these conditions affect respiration and consciousness is the subject of this presentation.

Diabetes & Recreational Diving: History and New Guidelines
Learn about diabetes and the new guidelines for diving with it in this presentation by Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D., a research physiologist with DAN. 

Inert Gas Exchange, Bubbles, and Decompression Theory
Learn about inert gas exchange in the body and the affect those bubbles can have on your dive in this online seminar, based on a presentation by Dr. Richard Vann, Vice President of Research at DAN.

Pathophysiology of Decompression Illness
Learn about what goes on in the body when bubbles form in this online seminar, based on a lecture delivered by Dr. Richard Moon, Senior Medical Consultant to DAN.

Ears and Diving Seminar
Learn about your ears and how to take better care of them when you are diving in this online seminar, based on a presentation by Dr. Frans Cronje...

See full list of seminars:

Marine Conservation
Hawaiian Monk Seals face extinction
The Hawaiian monk seal has thrived for the past 13 million years in the oceanic waters and coral reefs of the Hawaiian Islands. Today, the Hawaiian monk seal is critically endangered and headed toward extinction. Hawaiian monk seals are the most endangered endemic marine mammal in the USA and one of the most endangered marine mammals in the world. Over the last 50 years, the Hawaiian monk seal population has declined by more than 60% and is now at its lowest level in recorded history. Fewer than 1200 Hawaiian monk seals remain in the wild. Reasons for the decline of the monk seal include: overfishing, limited food availability, entanglement in marine debris, habitat loss, shark predation, competition for food, aggressive male behavior, deaths of pups, an aging population, harmful algal blooms, and global climate change.

Most Hawaiian monk seals can be found around the Northwest Hawaiian Islands in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, but a small, but growing number now live in the main Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian monk seals spend the vast majority of their lives at sea, but do come to shore to give birth, molt, and to find shelter in large storms. They forage on the coral reefs and sandy bottoms and eat fish and invertebrates including: reef fish, flatfish, eels, octopus, and lobsters.  They mature at 5-10 years of age and can live for 25-30 years, although many new seal pups fail to reach adulthood. 

It’s essential to move forward with Hawaiian monk seal recovery now. Every year we wait brings the Hawaiian monk seals closer to extinction. Survival rates of monk seal pups have dropped from 80-90% in the 1970s to lower than 15% today. As the older breeding females begin to pass away, there are fewer younger animals maturing, which could lead to a catastrophic collapse of the entire population. Unless major actions are taken toward recovery in the next 5 or 10 years, the population of Hawaiian monk seals will continue to decline. Hawaiian monk seals need our help now. With adequate public and private support and effective state and federal management we will be able turn this situation around. MCBI is working to save the monk seal by encouraging federal and state governments and agencies to increase the amount of money and support that goes toward monk seal recovery and management, by raising awareness of the plight of the Hawaiian Monk Seal, and by building partnerships between public and private agencies to work together to recover this amazing species
Learn more:
New offers from the last minute board 
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price: 1195US$
Price per diver includes 7 nights accomodation,all meals and unlimited diving.La Laguna Beach Club & Dive Center
Precise date of beginning: July 2009
Precise date of ending: December 2009

Costa Rica
Price: 2700US$
Enjoy a trip where you can share with marine wonders have Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Aboard the boat and met with all the friendliness of our crew. We have all the amenities to make this an unforgettable experience
Month of trip: December

Price: 500US$
Fancy diving or training for up to 3 months in Vietnam? Rainbow Divers are a well  established PADI centre in Vietnam and a PADI CDC, IDCs & National Geographic centre. DM internships from $500 and IDC internships from $750. Limited spaces for free diving & training in exchange for working with us!

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!

From the Forum
Here are two interesting discussions featuring in the forum:

Most viewed thread:
Read here: The ultimate dive holiday

Most popular forum:
Read here: Scuba diving travel  

This forum is part of the scuba diving community where you can keep in touch with divers and exchange experiences and tips from all over the world.
So take advantage of it:

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