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:: Novelties in the scuba resource
The detailed South Africa dive guide is complete and online 
:: Dive show news
The DEMA show is opening its doors
:: Equipment news
Utmost lanches the "Scuba Capsule", an all-in-one button-less dive computer
:: Education news
DAN Launches Fundraising Effort to Prevent Diver Strandings
:: Marine conservation 
A few tips to help you keep our planet healthy 
:: New offers from the last minute board
Dive in unspoilt Dahab Egypt
Join a dive expedition fil shooting on the Great Barrier Reef Australia
Take advantage of diving in quiet Sahl Hasheesh and Makadi Bay resorts Egypt
Novelties in the Scuba Diving Portal
The South Africa dive guide is now complete and online with more than 50 enhanced pages. The guide provides information about the different diving opportunities that South Africa has to offer with highlights about what to see underwater in each region.
The photo gallery shows the type of fauna and flora to be seen while diving in Soth Africa. All the photos are shot by professional or semi-professional photographers which gives a choice of superb photos. The gallery is constantly growing and being updated regularly with new photos.

Also incorporated is a list of the diving centers of each region of South Africa and maps. 
This is a great tool to plan your vacation and for dive professionals to find the best locations and diving centers on place. 
To read more:

Now Cuba, Belize and Bonaire are online with the new 4.0 GoodDive version
If you have been diving in these regions we need you to review the diving centers.
You now have the possibility to rate and review the diving centers in Cuba
Belize and Bonaire.
Go take a look and share your good or bad experiences with the GoodDive community members, they will be grateful. To post ratings all you need to do is log in using your GoodDive or facebook account on the top right of the page.
To go to the Cuba guide:
To go to the Bonaire guide:
To go to the Belize guide:

 Dive show news
The DEMA show is kicking off in Orlando Florida and will be running from 2-5 November in Orlando Florida.
This is is the largest international trade-only event for the diving, action water sports and travel industries. Thousands of dive industry professionals are gathered at DEMA Show which truly brings the entire diving industry together. 

Beyond the exhibit floor, DEMA Show provides excellent educational programming and events for industry professionals. There will be seminar programs packed with sessions for every business type and size, you are sure to find a treasure that can help your business and career. Attending DEMA Show 2011 could be the most powerful decision you made for your business this year!
To read more:
Equipment news
The "Scuba Capsule" from Utmost Tech to be released at the DEMA show.
Utmost Tech announces the release of the world's first all-in-one button-less dive computer, music player and camera that uses smartphones, such as the iPhone to refine the look and feel of all dive computers available on the market today. The design is based on aluminum housing crafted from a solid billet and tempered glass, limiting the iPhone touch screen functionality underwater, however the built-in accelerometers allows divers to control the device by preforming a poking or flipping gestures, making Scuba Capsule truly button-less dive computer. The device contains the sensors and electronics needed to provide all critical dive information. The iPhone’s processor is thousands times faster than the other dive computers on the market and at dramatically less cost. Scuba Capsule can run faster, more accurate decompression algorithms as well. In other words the iPhone’s computing power makes the other computers look like calculators.

The company will also present its visibility monitoring system called “Bottom Check”. This system delivers information about underwater conditions that are critical for divers and fisherman.
To read more:
Education news
DAN Launches Fundraising Effort to Prevent Diver Strandings
Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) is continuing in its efforts to prevent divers from being left behind by expanding fundraising efforts for the Diver IDentification System, or DIDS boards. The organization has set a goal of being able to place DIDS boards on every charter boat that would like one.

The DIDS board program, launched in 2002, is a simple but effective tracking system to ensure all divers return to the boat after a dive. Each system is made up of a board and 12 numbered tags; for bigger boats, two boards are issued to allow for the tracking of 24 divers. Prior to entering the water, the dive leader assigns each diver a number from the DIDS board, and the diver puts the corresponding tag to his BCD. At the end of the dive, the tag is returned to the board. Its simplicity is what makes it work: Until all tags are returned to the board, the boat doesn’t leave.
To read more:
Marine conservation
Thinking twice when you decide to throw something away. That vintage bicycle was never intended for the rubbish pile! We turn down many opportunities to refurbish products headed for a landfill. Many household items can be used again, from old T-shirts and shoe boxes to glass jars and single-sided paper. When you don't need it anymore in your house, it could probably be of use to someone else. Donate unused clothes and furniture to a thrift store. Or, to find people in your area interested in reducing waste by exchanging used goods visit or a similar organisation near you.

Keep a "lifestyle journal" for one week in November. Making a personal change starts with knowing yourself. This week, try to keep track of your shopping habits, how far you travel, the kind of transportation you use, and what household products you use to clean your home. Then try to see your everyday activities could be changed. Be imaginative! Every change you make is a small way to make your life simpler and reduce your impact on our ocean.

Recycle to the max. You can spare your old car from a junk yard by sending it to a recycling center instead! Start with paper and glass recyclables and then challenge yourself and your family to fill up the trash bin more slowly each week. Think about how much you can recycle that currently goes to waste. Batteries, cell phones, computers, and every type of plastic—to name a few—can all be brought back into the market instead of ending up underground.
To read more:
New offers from the last minte board
Here are a few of the ads featuring in the last minute board:

Price: 144 Euros
Valid for Aquarius Diving Club Hurghada, Makadi Bay and Sahl Hasheesh. Book a 4 day diving package and get 1 day diving for free. In total you will make 10 dives for the price of 144 Euros. 

Pric: 4990.00 USD 
Join the Wildlife Man, David Ireland on a diving film expedition to the Great Barrier Reef in November. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a future production to be shown on networks around the world ( see ). 
The price of $4990 covers all accommodation, meals, diving, training and filming on a coral island. Please contact Neil asap if you are interested and able to travel in November ( ) This is a unique diving experience never offered before ! 
Month of trip November 
Precise date of beginning 15/11/2011 
Precise date of ending 22/11/2011 
Number. of available places 10

Price: 260 Euros
10 Pack Dive Pack with a 100% discont price held for the next 12 months!!! 260 Euro for a Pack of Ten Dives. Dive-Urge is a boutique, 5 star P.A.D.I. Gold Palm Dive Resort in Dahab, Red Sea, which has been established for 10 years now. With on-site accommodation, restaurant and large private beach. We have been successful in offering very special customized Dive Holidays, resulting in an 80% return rate, unique to the Red Sea. We are here for those people who are looking for something off the beaten track and feel they deserve some personalized service. We are here, basically, for anyone not wanting an en- masse holiday experience.

Check the board regularly for new great deals.
If you have a great offer don't hesitate to post it. This service is free!!


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