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KwaZulu Natal dive guide

KwaZulu Natal diving

KwaZulu Natal is a large province on the eastern side of South Africa. Its warm climate and warm ocean makes it a year round diving destination. KwaZulu Natal can be divided into several diving destinations; each one has its uniqueness and characteristics. Some of these diving destinations are Aliwal Shoal, Protea Banks and Sodwana Bay. Many caves, gullies and pinnacles are great habitats for the famous ragged-tooth sharks. Guitar sharks, stingrays, eagle and manta rays as well as dolphins are commonly seen in its beautiful dive sites.

Always dive according to your level of training.
Never enter the water without checking with the local dive center for safety, additional information, level required for each dive site and without being accompanied by a professional.
All the information provided is purely informative for our readers and shouldn't be used as is to plan your immersion.

Average Water surface temperature: From 19 °C to 28°C (66° F to 82°F).
Visibility often averaging: It is from 39 to 164 feet (12 to 50 meters).
Possible to dive all year round.

Aliwal Shoal is a beautiful ancient sand dune, it has scenic tropical reefs and shipwrecks. It is home to grey nurse sharks. Its dive sites are full with caverns or caves that provide a habitat to these great creatures as well as many other smaller species.
Protea Banks is located about 7.5 kilometers off Shelly Beach on the east coast of KwaZulu Natal. The Northern Pinnacles and The Southern Pinnacles in Protea Banks are home to different kinds of sharks and other marine life like manta rays, spotted eagle rays, moray eels and large schools of pelagic fish.

Sodwana Bay is a fascinating diving destination with a wide variety of aqua life and beautiful flora and fauna. Branching, table and plate corals are seen everywhere, beautiful overhangs, also attractive drop-offs and mushroom rocks are forming its dive sites. You may watch humpback whales during their annual migration from June to November from its shores.

Diving with sharks became very popular in South Africa, whether in cages or during drift dives. It is not uncommon to see tiger sharks at Aliwal Shoal's shores. They visit the KwaZulu Natal dive sites from November to July. Protea is famous for the Zambezi sharks which come in large numbers from November until May.

Vast numbers of sardines are present in KwaZulu Natal's waters during their natural migration from cold water to South Africa's warm water during the months of June and July. This sardines attract a lot of predators like sharks, game fish, dolphins and whales. It is a unique opportunity to see different kinds of large fish at the same time.

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