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Scotland Diving

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Scotland dive guide

Scotland diving is varied and offers great wreck diving in the world class Scapa Flow. Off the East Coast there are still many wrecks which have not been dived before. Although Scotland is known for it's wreck diving there are also some superb underwater cliffs, reefs and opportunities for great drift dives. The sea life includes porpoises, dolphins and whales and the West Coast has become the best place to see basking sharks.

Average air temperatures:

In January and February 41F to 45F (5C to 7C),
and summer has average temperatures of 66F (19C)
Water temperatures range from about 4C (39F)
in January to March, to about 13C (55F) in July to September. A dry suit with a warm undersuit is needed for most of the year. A thick semi-dry may be adequate from late spring to early autumn.
Coldest time: January and February
Warmest time: July and August Possible to dive all year round weather permitting.
Best time to dive between May and September.
Worst time to dive: There is no bad time to dive but the tidal currents in Scotland can be treachorous. Therefore before diving anywhere find out about the tides. Visibility can be very variable. The west coast of Scotland has a reputation for better visibility than the east.

Scotland diving has a lot of highlights. The renowned Scapa Flow boasts famous wrecks like the SMS Dresden, the SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm, the SMS Brummer and the SMS Konig.

The Scottish west coast port of Oban offers some of the best diving in northern Europe around the islands and inlets of the Inner Hebrides. Boasting excellent visibility the area has abundant marine life. Most dive sites are sheltered which makes them suitable for both beginners and intermediate divers.

St Abbs offers some great diving around its rocky islets and Scotland's only marine reserve, the Eyemouth Nature Reserve.

In Ullapool you can dive the famous Conservation Cave (also known as Cathedral Cave) and some famous wrecks.

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