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Scuba diving in Hawthorn

Hawthorn special location makes it near some of the most famous diving spots in Victoria. Around Port Phillip Heads you can find some interesting dive sites that are home to many kinds of aqua life. Make sure to book your trip to near diving destinations like Geelong, Melbourne and Bellarine Peninsula.

Always dive according to your level of training.
Never enter the water without checking with Hawthorn diving centers for safety, additional information, level required for each dive site and without being accompanied by a professional.
All the information provided is purely informative for our readers and shouldn't be used as is to plan your immersion.

Coldest time: July
Warmest time: January
Possible to dive all year round.

Hawthorn has the finest temperature. And the surrounding coastline offers some beautiful dive sites that suit all levels of expertise see scuba diving map. Some of these dive sites are quite challenging and worth seeing like the Commonwealth Ships' Graveyard in Melbourne; which is home to some interesting wreck sites. Try to visit the wreck of The Coogee in Geelong and enjoy the abundant marine life inhabits it. Also near this area there is the Bellarine Peninsula which is a great diving spot and home to many kinds of aqua life.

You can have your private training in one of Hawthorn diving centers. It offers lessons for all levels of expertise. Discover scuba diving in Victoria county dive site. Hawthorn diving offers many Liveaboard trips to reefs and wrecks in this area.

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