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Scuba diving in Torquay

Torquay diving offers wrecks and reefs that are fairly easy to access from the shore or by boat. There are many interesting historical wrecks here and the ships graveyard is the place where you will find most of the ship wrecks of the area.

Always dive according to your level of training.
Never enter the water without checking with Torquay diving centers for safety, additional information, level required for each dive site and without being accompanied by a professional.
All the information provided is purely informative for our readers and shouldn't be used as is to plan your immersion.

Coldest time: July
Warmest time: January
Possible to dive all year round.

Torquay has a number of reef sites showing off some interesting marine life. However there are still mayn sites that are still unexplored due to limited access. Some of the fish life you may encounter is the green abalone, the black abalone and crayfish. There are very many wrecks may choose from many kinds tugs, dredges, barges, lighters, coastal freighters and subs. Whatever your level of experience or taste you will find something to suit you. Some of the wrecks have a historical back ground like Victoria Towers that sank in 1869. Due to the varying depths there are wreck dives suitable for all levels of expertise.

Some of Torquay dive sites.

Pt.Danger is a beautiful reef at with multilevel areas. The first ledge is at a depth of 12-18 meters, Second ledge 18-24 meters, Third ledge 26-30 meters. It suits all levels of expertise.

The Z-reef is parrallel to the shoreline, a shallow dive, and boasts nice swim throughs and overhangs. Plenty of marine life can be seen including blue devils, schooling pike and even seals! Colourful fauna and flora and sponges give a lot of character to this site.

Victoria Towers is a shallow wreck dive site. It is in (5 to 7 meters) of water. The vessel sank 1869 during transporting a cargo of tiles, slate, bottled beer, and iron pipes.

Mushroom Rock is at a depth of (2 to 10 meters). as the name may indicates it takes the shape of a mushroom. You can find wobbegong sharks at this spot.

5 KG Reef is a beautiful spot at a depth of (8 to 10 meters) deep. You can find lots of cray in this area.

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