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Mornington Peninsula dive guide

Mornington Peninsula Diving

Scuba diving in Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is on the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. Its rocky shores are home to many unique animals and plants. Mornington Peninsula has a wide array of dive sites that are home to many kinds of aqua life.

Always dive according to your level of training. Never enter the water without checking with Mornington Peninsula diving centers for safety, additional information, level required for each dive site and without being accompanied by a professional. All the information provided is purely informative for our readers and shouldn't be used as is to plan your immersion.

Average water surface temperature: Between 13°C and 22°C. (55° F and 71° F)
Visibility often averaging: Visibility is between 16 - 100 feet (5 - 30 meters)
Coldest time: July
Warmest time: January

Mornington Peninsula dive sites include over 60 nineteenth-century shipwrecks and four submarines sunken during World War I. Dive sites in Port Phillip Bay suits all levels of expertise from beginner to experienced divers. You can choose from shore, reefs, walls or wreck dive sites. On the dive sites you may see lots of crayfish, blue devil fish, plenty of soft corals and other marine life. It is not unusual to see bottlenose dolphins and enjoy swimming with them.Best time for dolphin viewing is October to April.

Some of Mornington Peninsula dive sites.

Sorrento Ferry Terminal is at a depth of 13 feet (4 meters). This site is recommended for experienced divers only due to the strong current. This spot is home to trevally, zebra fish, groper, blue devils, old wives, cuttlefish and conger eel

Rye Pier is suitable for both snorkelers and divers. It is at a depth of 9 to 16 feet (3 to 5 meters). Many kinds of marine life has been found in here including angel sharks, blennies, goatfish, gurnards, flounder, flathead, nudibranchs as well as seahorse, different species of octopus, soft corals and sponges.

Eliza Ramsden is a beautiful ship wreck in about 68 feet (21 meters) of water. It was built in 1874 and sank in 1875 to form this beautiful site. The site suits intermediate and experienced divers as well. The ship is home to many kinds of fish and aqua life.

Mornington Pier is a shore dive site at a depth ranging from 9 to 29 feet (3 to 9 meter). This spot is suitable for beginner divers. It is home to big schools of old wives, trevally, pike and zebra fish, huge stingrays, seahorses, hula fish and octopus.

SS Coogee is one of the ship wrecks located in Mornington Peninsula. It is at a depth of 111 feet (34 meters). The ship was scuttled in 1927 just outside the Port Phillip Heads. The ship is still intact and home to abundant marine life.

Ripbank is an underwater cliff just outside Port Phillip heads. The current in this spot can be extremely fast. There are beautiful overhangs in this area. You can see sharks swimming along the wall and there are lots of crayfish. This site is at a depth of 49 to 196 feet (15 to 60 meters).

The Playground is at a depth ranging from 49 to 164 feet (15 to 50 meters) deep. It is located at the West End section of Rip Bank Wall. There are small caves and beautiful overhangs which you can see as you descend. It's a nice dive with lots of marine life.

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