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La Paz dive guide


La Paz diving offers excellent conditions for scuba diving and gathers numerous magnificent dive sites with three of the most beautiful islands in the gulf, San Jose, Espiritu Santo and Cerralvo, plus countless little islets contributing to a well earned reputation of being a place where you can expect anyting at anytime.

The Cortez sea, one of the youngest seas is one of the world's largest dep gulfs. It has the reputation of being the richest sea in the world for both number of species and population sizes.

The sea temperatures from La Paz south are 21 to 29°C/70-84°F all year round. The visibility is best from July to October, around 100 feet/30 metres, but you can count on having 50-80 feet/15-25 metres in most diving places. November to March has the coldest water. To see whale sharks you need to go during algal blooms in Spring and Autumn. Manta rays and schooling hammerheads arrive during late summer and early autumn.

In La Paz you can do some drift diving. In the warm season (from July to November) the current is coming from the southeast and northeast and this is the ideal period for driftdiving at El Bajo where the hammer head sharks are easy to find.

A must see event in the winter is the Gray Whale which ends its migration from the arctic circle in the Baja's pacific lagoons and each year they grow in numbers. During th whale watching season which is generally from end of December to beginning of March operators in La Paz organise excursions to Magdalena Bay where the whales can be observed.
Giant mantas, huge whale sharks and impressive numbers of sharks, especially hammerheads, have given La Paz the reputation of being among the best worldwide scuba diving destinations. Some of the interesting sites are:

El Bajo Sea Mounts an underwater mountain rising to 60 feet/18 meters from the surface where hammerhead sharks congregate in large schools and has many species of pelagic and tropical fish all year round. This site is reserved for advanced divers because there is no pretection to surge and rough sea conditions

Los Islotes has more than 350 friendly and playful sea lions in the wild with an anchorage that is well protected from prevailing winds. It's suitable for all divers of all levels.

Salvatierra Wreck is a 300 foot/91 meter long ferry boat sank in 1976 after colliding against Swannee Reef, near Espiritu Santo island. Lying on a sandbar in 60 feet/18 meters of water, it is a great “artificial” reef and is filled with sea life.

Las Animas is a small island located east of San Jose Island, with three tiny islets around it. Here strong currents maintain a permanent population of pelagic fish and often visited by sharks throughout the year.

New artificial reefs La Paz 03 and Fang Ming, two rusting Chinese long liners, were sunk in November 1999 near the Island of Espiritu Santo to promote artificial reef development for sport divers. Fang Ming, one of two Chinese freighters was imponded by the mexican navy when trying to deliver its cargo of ilegal chinese immigrants to California.

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