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Hebat Allah Wreck

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Wreck of the Hebat Allah


For exploring of wrecks make sure to have the required training level and equipment!
Check with your dive center to have all necessary information for safety!
Always dive according to that and to the current conditions!

Hebat Allah Wreck
During the years when the Hebat Allah rested on the reef, a new idea came up, that it would be a perfect object to sink, in order to create a new dive site, the first artificial reef in Hurghada.
So the Red Sea Diving Association in cooperation with HEPCA, the Egyptian Navy and the Red Sea Governor started to prepare the ship for its sinking. All oil, fuel, loose interior and trash was removed and areas that should not be penetrated were closed.
In November 2004 the Hebat Allah was ready to be sunk in the area between Giftun Island and Gota Abu Ramada. The intention was to send it to the bottom in a depth of 30m, in order to allow the access to recreational divers of nearly all levels. However, the right point was missed and finally it ended up in a depth of 46m, therefore more suitable for technical diving.
In December 2005 it was opened as an official dive site.
The wreck lies upright on the sandy and stony ground, its superstructure, which consists of 3 levels rises to a depth of 25m and the forward mast to 15m. Even though the Hebat Allah is a “young” wreck, there is already a slight coral growth and quite some marine life to spot.

Coming from the bow area and passing the forward mast you reach the cargo hold. It’s open and empty and easy to access. From there it’s possible to enter the lower part of the superstructure via two hatches, one on each side.

Previously all areas which could be penetrated had been provided with guidelines. Over the years a lot of them got destroyed and became a hazard for divers who could get entangled or misled. A group of authorized divers completely removed the old and partially destroyed ones.
The second level of the superstructure can be entered by stairs from the lower level or from outside the wreck through windows and doors. The same goes for the bridge on the top level.
Reaching the stern you can spot the intact propeller, only the rudder is broken off.

Due to the depth of the wreck all dives there will require decompression. They have to be planned carefully, with consideration of currents and wind, as the site is located in an open area, with no shelter of reefs or islands.

It is strongly recommended not to penetrate deep into the Hebat Allah, except for divers who are certified to do so (advanced wreck or full cave qualification)!

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