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Sinai is the triangular shaped land where the North of the Red Sea splits into two gulfs. On the west site is the Gulf of Suez and on the east side the Gulf of Aqaba.

Always dive according to your level of training.
Check with your dive center for safety and level required for each dive site.

Sinai dive sites are best on the east coast. With the exception of Ras Mohamed and the wrecks area situated on the South and South West.

Sinai dive sites starting from the North:

Right at the top of the gulf of Aqaba and only 8km from Eilat and its international airport, you can see four countries – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Egypt. The region is much less crowded than the Sharm el Sheikh area. The dive sites are intact and there are many snorkeling and dive spots which you can reach from the beach.

The Blue Hole of Dahab
This circular, 203-foot drop off lies a few miles north of Dahab, and it looks exactly like its name. The dark hole rests in the shallows of a bright blue reef shelf. Corals, fans, eels and dozens of fish species flourish here. It is best, however, not to let the Blue Hole's beauty lure you too far down: more than a few divers have gone in and never come back, due to nitrogen narcosis. 

The Canyon
Next to the Blue Hole, Sinai’s most interesting dives. The Canyon lying about three miles north of Assalah, begins with a large rock head cloven by a fissure. Descend down to the rock and follow the fissure until you find the wide entrance. Passing through the entrance, divers find themselves surrounded by the teeming life and rich contours of The Canyon’s walls. Stabilize before you reach the bottom, its about 60m!

Sharm el Sheikh area

Also known as the Mercury site. A 16th-century Turkish galleon that was transporting amphoras of mercury lies on the bottom here. Evidence of its cargo of mercury can be seen among the coral. 

Ras Um Sid
Wall dive, easily accessible near the lighthouse, the beautiful coral garden has lots of colorful fan coral and a great variety of fish.

The Tiran Strait
Four reefs occupy the center of the Strait. Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse and Jackson. All are among the loveliest and best-preserved in the entire Sharm region. Fauna is extremely abundant and tends to be pelagic. 

Nearly always where  currents split or join makes an interesting place to dive, a gooddive tip!

Ras Mohamed is a national park where each diver has to pay a daily entrance fee. Strong drop off covered with coral worth of the Red Sea. On the Southern tip, where the current splits, an encounter with sharks is most likely

The wrecks of the Suez Gulf entrance
Visit the dive sites guide of North Red Sea

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