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Red Sea diving

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Red Sea diving

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Red Sea diving


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This Red Sea diving guide will help you find all websites related to scuba diving in the Red Sea as well as dive site information;  maps, pictures and reports.

Possible to dive all year round
Best time to dive: End of Spring till Autumn
Worst time to dive: Winter.

The Red Sea diving counts among the most famous destinations. This is due to the good visibility almost all year round, the beautiful coral formations and the closeness to Europe which makes an excellent quality price value for european divers.

I spent three years diving the Red Sea in Egypt and I'll never forget the quality of the dives I did! In the beginning I really enjoyed the top wrecks in the North and in Safaga there was the nicest coral formation I ever saw. I was missing the big fish and pelagics of the Indian Ocean. But now that the liveaboard boats go to the "Deep South" of Egyptian waters the encounter with mantas; kingfish; tuna and many more pelagics including sharks is on the daily menu. Can you imagine seeing 5 different sorts of sharks, three mantas and an eagle ray during the same dive?... This is not anything rare  in the St. Johns area!

For many European divers this is the favourite destination. Most of the divers come several times and it is not difficult to vary the experience. There are more than 10 different liveaboard routes and more than 15 different destinations on shore with tens of divesites...

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