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Wrecks of the Red Sea


The Red Sea is well known for its numerous reefs, strong winds and currents, which made the navigation difficult in the past, so throughout the ages a lot of vessels were wrecked.
Meanwhile most of the wrecks all over the Red Sea became popular dive sites .

The highest concentration of wrecks can be found in the northern Red Sea, the area between Sinai and Hurghada. A lot of liveaboards are offered, specially dedicated to the wrecks in the North.

Thistlegorm wreck Thistlegorm Wreck
One of the top wreck dives in the world, a gooddive tip!
You'll need to dive it more than once to explore more than a tiny part of the wreck.

Million Hope Wreck Million Hope Wreck
The Bulk Carrier was built in Japan, it was launched in 1972 as the “Ryusei Maru”. Its name changed several times before it was finally renamed to “Million Hope” in 1996.

Dunraven wreck Dunraven Wreck
The Dunraven, a steam and sail driven cargo ship, is one of the oldest wrecks in the Red Sea.

Sarah H. (Kingston) Wreck Sarah H. (Kingston) Wreck
The Sarah H. is a steam ship that sank around 1880 after running into Shag Rock, a small reef South of Sha’ab Ali. The wreck was called Sarah H. when it was first discovered and this name is still popular, even though it has later been positively identified as the "Kingston".

Cable Wreck Ulysses Cable Wreck Ulysses
On its way from London to Penang the Ulysses, also known as Cable Layer, sunk in 1887 after running on the north eastern coast of Small Gubal Island.

Wrecks of Abu Nuhas Wrecks of Abu Nuhas
Sha'ab Abu Nuhas is one of the most famous reefs in the northern Red Sea as it is the only reef with the possibility to dive on 4 different wrecks, Giannis D, Carnatic, Chrisoula K and Kimon M

Rosalie Moller Wreck Rosalie Moller Wreck
The freighter was built in Glasgow, it left the shipyard as "Francis", later the name was changed to "Rosalie Moller".

Hebat Allah Wreck Hebat Allah Wreck
The Hebat Allah, a small cargo ship (only about 50m long), was built in France in 1985 for the Egyptian Government.
After it had served its commercial purpose, the ship was moored on a reef just off the shoreline of Hurghada. During a heavy storm the mooring lines of Hebat Allah got ripped off and the ship drifted onto the reef. As the reef top rises close to the surface, for about 15 years it was a well known sight – a ship, apparently standing upright on the water.

Salem Wreck Salem Express Wreck
The ferry boat Salem Express was built 1966 in La Seyne (France) under the name “Fred Scamaroni”. After several changes of ownership and names since 1988 the vessel was sailing the route Suez-Safaga-Jeddah.

Aida II Wreck Aida II Wreck
The Aida II was built in France in 1911, later it was used as a troop carrier of the Egyptian Navy, and finally it delivered soldiers and supplies to the Egyptian Coast Guard station on the Big Brother Island.

Numidia Wreck Numidia Wreck
Coming from Liverpool on its way to India, the Numida, a 130m long cargo steamer ran on the northern tip of Big Brother in July 1901. Before her identification the wreck was also known as train wreck, because the cargo consisted of train axles and wheels.

Sudan - Blue Belt Wreck Sudan - Blue Belt (Toyota Wreck)
The Blue Belt was on its way from Jeddah to Port Sudan when it struck the reef Sha'ab Suedi, about 75km north of its destination. Because of the cargo the vessel had loaded, like cars, trucks, trailers etc. it is also well known as Toyota wreck.

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