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Marsa Alam dive site list and best dive sites 


Always dive according to your level of training.
Check with your dive center for safety and level required for each dive site.

In this area most of the dive sites are shore dives and every dive center has different names for each dive site.

Elphinstone Reef
Top dive site in Marsa Alam, a gooddive tip!
About 30km north of Marsa Alam and 12km offshore this reef comes up from a depth of 130m. A very good spot for pelagic fishes. The north has different beautiful plateaus at 2Om 35m and 40m. At the edge of the plateau if you look down in the deep blue it's possible to see hammerhead sharks watch your depth!!  After the plateaus, drift on the east side of the reef and don't forget to look in the blue and up. Encounter with big pelagic including oceanic white tip shark (carcharhinus longimanus) is possible.

For experienced divers only!

Daedalus Island
Top dive site in Marsa Alam, a gooddive tip!
It's a small island with a light house about 55 sea miles offshore. Because of the long distance from the shore this dive site is mainly dived from liveaboard boats. The north and west part are best. Encounters with big pelagic and hammerhead sharks are on the menu.
Drift dive!

Samadai (Dolphin reef)
Top dive site in Marsa Alam, a gooddive tip!
One of the few places in the world where it's possible to dive with dolphins... and they are wild; free and not tamed or fed. A group of more than 100 dolphins is resident on this reef. Only on a very calm sea and by bad luck you will not be able to see them!

Shaab Marsa Alam
4km east of Marsa Alam. These 3 dive sites are on a 2km long coral reef which grows on a sandy bottom up to the surface. Nice coral and lots of reef fishes including white tip lagoon sharks. Small caves and canyons.
Max depth: 27m

Abu Dabbab
40 kilometers north of Marsa Alam. This reef contains a huge number of dive sites and is especially suitable for beginners and night dives. Small shark and stone fish are often to be seen there.
Max depth: 20m

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