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Wreck of the Million Hope


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Wreck Million Hope
After only six weeks sailing under its new name, the Million Hope became a total loss. In June 1996 the vessel , loaded with phosphates and potash, was on its route from Aqaba (Jordan) to Taiwan. About 5km north of Sharm el Sheikh, on the western coast of the Sinai Peninsula, a fire broke out. Due to the fire and bad visibility the Million Hope struck the inshore reef near Nabq.
Besides the destruction of a huge part of the reef, it “buried” another wreck, the Hey Daroma”, which had been wrecked in the past at exactly the same position.
A crack in the hull caused the leaking of the phospates. Immediadtely the authorities started to salvage most of the cargo. The threat posed by the dissolving chemicals in the sea was significant, the emergence of an algae carpet on the surface would have a great impact on the marine ecology.

With its 174m length and 26 000 registered tons the Million Hope is the biggest wreck in the Red Sea. A part of its superstructure is still visible above the surface, the main part lies below to a depth of 25m. The starboard side along the reef stands nearly upright on the seabed, but with a noticeable list to the port. At the bow you still can see the huge winches and the anchor. Down the bow as well as on the starboard side you can find the damage as a proof of its hard collision with the reef. The main deck in 9m depth is crowded with lionfish and offers a lot of superb photo motives due to the lighting conditions. The bridge is located at the stern, behind the 5 cargo holds, which are entirely open.
Between the holds 4 massive cranes are positioned. Some parts of them have broken down in the meantime and are lying on the bottom at the portside among other wreckage, creating habitats for glassfish and lionfish. A must for every photographer is the enormous propeller. It’s still intact and covered with an abundance of soft corals.
Subject to swell and current, parts of the ship have become unstable with time, penetration is not necessary and not advisable.
The impressive dimensions of the wreck, the unusual sight - its bow and stern rise up to the surface – and the wealth of fish and soft corals make a dive at the Million Hope an unforgettable experience.

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