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Dive Slates

Dive slates are designed for different purposes like, to help communication under water, to prepare diving education, to record dates or to identify marine life during the dive.
There are several different kinds available on the market.

White plastic dive slates White plastic dive slates
The simple white plastic dive slate usually come with a pencil, clipped or tied to it. They are erasable, but with a common rubber you might be not successful, better use a mild scouring agent to clean it properly. Most slates provide a possibility to attach them to your BCD. A special type is a dive compass slate; it has a mounting option for a compass, so it’s easy to note navigation details directly.

Wrist dive slates Wrist dive slates
Wrist dive slates are designed to be worn on the wrist, they have three separate writing surfaces that flip up. They are perfect for divers who have to record a lot of dates during their dives, like technical divers.

Magnetic slates Magnetic slates
Magnetic slates have a special magnetic screen. You can write, erase also underwater by pushing a button and then write again. This might be an advantage, but take care not to lose important data by accident.

Printed communication slates Printed communication slates
Printed communication slates come with a text, for example with common phrases or as preparation slates with skills. They are very helpful for the education, as they can simplify the communication between instructor and students.

Identification slates Identification slates
Underwater identification slates feature pictures or drawings of fish and other marine life.
They are most welcome by divers who are afraid to forget what they saw before they are back to the surface.

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