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Cardiff Diving

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Cardiff dive guide

Cardiff, the largest city of Wales has a large number of diving centers and clubs. Cardiff diving centers offer classes for all levels of divers all year round. The schools organise dive trips within the UK and abroad.

Always dive according to your level of training. Never enter the water without checking with the local dive center for safety, additional information, level required for each dive site and without being accompanied by a professional. All the information provided is purely informative for our readers and shouldn't be used as is to plan your immersion.
The diving clubs have weekly meetings and a number of activities are organised. Trips to dive within the UK and abroad are planned during the get togethers. Other activities which involve non divers are organised as well like charity events, beach clean ups etc... After training is finished in summer the dive schools organise trips for the new divers to exercise the skills acquired.

One popular site is the Landrover Lagoon in Chepstow. This site has 3 training platforms at 6, 7 and 8 metres (20, 23 and 26 feet) constructed from shipping containers of 40ft x 20ft.(12x6 metres). These are ideal for training and can accomodate upto 12 students at a time. There are a number of attractions as well.

There's a Royal Air Force (RAF) Wessex Helicopter Mk5 at a depth of 17 metres (56 feet), an Alvis Stalwart Amphibious Vehicle 'Stolly' and Alvis Saracen Troop Carrier at 11 metres (36 feet), a cruiser at 18 metres (59 feet) and a Royal Navy Wessex Helicopter Mk3 at 25 metres (82 feet). An explosives cabinet can be seen at 22 metres (72 feet), a Devonshire Aircraft at 25metres (82 feet) that was sunk in summer 2006, a small two man diving bell at 23m and a cruiser at 25 metres (82 feet). At 27 metres (88 feet) there's a BAE 146 Airplane, a motorbike at 21metres (69 feet) and a Mondeo reef at 22 metres (72 feet). It's called a Mondeo reef because there really is a mondeo down there. Other attractions are swim throughs and a North Sea diving bell at 16 metres (52 feet). At 50 metres (164 feet) and 75 metres (246 feet) there are buoys with a trapeze attached for decompression stops. This site is is truly wonderful and has been carefully planned to cater for divers of all levels due to its varying depths. You will not be dissapointed by this site.

West Wales makes for some great diving as well for outings from Cardiff. There are good shore dives at St.
Martins and St. Brides which suit all levels of divers and novices as some do not exceed 15 metres depth (49 feet).
Martins Haven is part of a marine reserve and there's plenty to see. You will see lots of sponges and fan worms as well as loads of squatties. Depending on where you get in and the direction you take your dive you may well reach 30 metres (98 feet) depth. It's one of the deepest shore dives of the United Kingdom. St.

Brides has nice shallow shore diving and is ideal for training and for novices. The bottom is sandy and the narrow mouth to the bay where you start your swim has dense kelp growth. If you swim far out you can reach a depth of about 14 metres (45 feet) and there are a few swim throughs to explore.
Also in the area is Hens & Chicks which is is no deeper than 12 metres (39 feet). There are some large gullies to swim through and you can see lots of dead mans fingers and trigger fish in the summer months.

Stack Rocks is a polular dive a few minutes ride by boat from St. Bride’s. There's plenty of marine life like mackerel, pollack, butterfish and wrasse just to mention a few. Crustacens are also present in large numbers, dead mans fingers and very coulourful plumose anemones.

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