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Thailand Wrecks

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Wrecks of Thailand


The seabed of the waters around Thailand is dotted with numerous wrecks, ships and aircraft from the Second World War, but also others, such as ferries and cargo ships that fell prey to the reefs or to storms.

Both, the West side (Andaman Sea) and the East (Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Pattaya) provide great wreck diving for divers of all levels, from beginners up to technical divers.

The Hardeep / Suddhadib Wreck The Hardeep / Suddhadib
The Hardeep / Suddhadib is one of the most famous wrecks in Thailand. Some dedicated researchers spent much time to explore and publish its fascinating history in detail.
The vessel was built in 1918 as a passenger ship, later it was appropriated by the Thailand government and used as a cargo vessel. It was sunk by an aircraft bomb attack at the end of World War II in the bay of Samaesan. Later it was discovered that the name of the ship was not originally Hardeep, but S.S. Suddhadib.

The Khram Wreck The HTMS Khram
The HTMS Khram is probably the most popular wreck of Pattaya. It was sunk on purpose by the Thai Navy in the Gulf of Thailand in order to create an artificial reef, attractive for fish and for divers.

The King Cruiser Wreck The King Cruiser
One of the most famous wrecks of the Andaman Sea is the King Cruiser. The 85m long and 25m wide steel vessel was operating as a passenger and car ferry on its way from Phuket to Kho Phi Phi, when it hit the famous dive site Anemone Reef in May 1997. It sank within only half an hour, but fortunately all passengers could leave the vessel safe and sound before it went down.

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