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Boca Chica dive guide

Boca Chica diving

Boca Chica diving has fascinating dive spots to offer to all levels of divers as it's dive sites range from shallow dives to wreck and cave diving. It has a 500-meter long reef, which closes off the bay to form what is otherwise known as the world's largest pool. The bay is sheltered from the waves by the Islands "La Matica"and "Los Pinos"

There are many dive spots to choose from as it takes a few minutes to access many sites in the neighbouring Juan Dolio and la Caleta national park. Some of the interesting sites to visit from Boca Chica are:

The Wessel Reef with a max depth of 18m which is parralel to the west coast and through which sand channels run from east to west and is suitable for beginners.It is approximately 30 meters wide. From 13 meters it falls from a depth of 18 meters in the east and ends in the sand.
The coral formations are spectacular and different colonies of pillar, elk corals, soft and horn corals can be seen.During this dive it isn't rare to see stingrays, different kinds of moray eels and trumpet fish. Strangely, it's been observed that many of the reef´s formations have the shape of sunken ships.

Angels Ravine which is at a depth of 17 meters follows the coral reef, which runs parallel to the beach. This site drops to a depth of around 30m to the north the and reaches a sandy depth of 35 meters while to the south it drops off with an inclination to 40 meters. The reef is covered in wrinkled boulder star corals. Lobsters and moray eels have been sighted here. Black durgeons, schools of mackerels and yellowhead wrasses are not a rare sight..

Wreck dives are available in La Caleta National Underwater Park, not far from Boca Chica. There are four wrecks in the La Caleta national park.
There's "Hickory" a treasure hunter ship lying at a depth of 18m and which was countersunk by the international diving sports organisations in 1980 (depth: 18m).

"Limon" is an old tow boat at a depth of 20m and not far from the "Limon" are shapely hard corals and picturesque flower corals and sponges.
"Captain Alsina" an ancient wreck at 40m is difficult to find because it’s completely covered with corals. It is the deepest of all of Boca Chica´s wrecks and is worth the dive.
"The Ocean Spring" is a small tugboat wreck found on the sandy bottom, southeast of the Boca Chica Bay. The hull´s interior is empty, but some of the boat´s instruments can still be seen. The inside and the outside of the hull shelters a lot of yellow goatfishes and the wreck is covered in small hard corals. This wreck is an excellent opportunity for photographers.

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