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Punta Cana dive guide

Punta Cana diving

Punta Cana diving counts numerous dive sites. These range from beautiful dive sites grown with corals, sponges, canyon style incisions and hundreds of tropical fish to wrecks.

Punta Cana diving is great for learning and beginners since the waters are shallow, the deepest dives are no more than about 18 meters.

There is excellent visibility of 90-100 feet
However, located on the exposed eastern tip of the island Punta Cana is swept by Atlantic currents and the occasionally rough seas of the Mona Passage. It's best to avoid diving here in winter(Dec, Jan and Feb) as the blowing winter winds may make the sea too rough to dive at all or the visibility on the reef may be very decreased.

A lot of the dive sites in Punta Cana consist of coral blocks which can easily be surrounded. You could meet nurse sharks, sting rays or eagle rays here. Some dive sites are also made of stone and coral formations with pretty caves and swim-throughs. La Cueva for example is a reef with many caverns and caves to dive and Batato are impressive rock formations with many small passages

Dive excursions to Catalina and Saona Islands are good for both beginners and advanced divers.The Saona Island, a protected sanctuary has lots of wildlife and marine life, like turtles, whales, sharks and big fish. Divers can also see the sunken St. Georges ship.
Catalina Island is appreciated by experienced divers. The "wall" is probably one of the few places to see very large fish, such as grouper. Catalina's shallower dive of about 25-30 feet off the island is also very beautiful and has lots of purple sea fans, orange, brown and grey gardens, as well as a variety of multi-coloured, fluorescent fish.

The following wrecks are also to be seen:
Astron Wreck where fauna and wreck are fantastic. Here divers see both the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean fauna. It's gigantic propeller is now home to rays and barracudas. The particularity of this wreck is that it is close to the beach and can even be seen from the surface.
Another wreck "Monica" is considered One of the most beautiful wrecks in the Dominican Republic and surely worth the dive.

I just wrote a few highligts but you can find more in the dive centers websites.

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