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Juan Dolio dive guide

Juan Dolio diving

Juan Dolio diving has a lot of dive sites to offer and small life forms are abundant which make great macro opportunities for are underwater photographers. The house reef has interesting U/W formations consisting of deep channels and ravines, a large diversity of soft and hard corals and the smaller but very colorful typical reef fish.

Visibility is expected to be between 50 and 100 feet.

In the nearby sites which range from a depth of 10m to aproximately 25m divers can see lobsters, crabs and colourful schools of fish. Stingrays are often sighted. These sites are suitable for beginners.

For more advanced divers there interesting wreck dives.
The wreck "Alto Velto" a small wreck of a former tug boat is between Juan Dolio and Boca Chica and is covered with corals and sponges. Around and in the whole structure there is an amazing quantity of fish and the Green moray eel is often encountered.

Another wreck The Tanya V wreck was sunk on October 21st 1999, creating a new dive site. Approximately 195feet/65m. in length, the Tanya V now rests quietly on a sand bank at depth of 22-34m, making it a good deep dive for experienced, advanced divers. Although it's going to take time and patience for marine life to flourish, already Tanya V has acquired her very own barracuda guard!

The "Limon" is certainly one of the best preserved wrecks in the underwater national park of "La Caleta" as it is still very intact. Once the former tug boat was a powerful ship and today it rests at a depth of 22m/80ft slightly bent to it is starboard side on a sand area. 3 powerful propellers with the middle one as the biggest can still be seen.

A special treat for wreck diving lovers is the "Hickory" that lies leaning to it's starboard side at a depth of approx. 18m/60ft surrounded by a nicely composed coral reef. The hull, especially at bow and stern, are encrusted with lots of different brain corals and sponges.
It's a good hiding place for lots of fish like glassfish and many invertebrates find refuge inside the wreck.

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