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Puerto Plata dive guide

Puerto Plata diving

Puerto Plata diving divers of all levels to enjoy, shallow reefs, fresh water cave diving and deep water diving. Most dive sites are located in areas with little or no current conditions which makes the diving easy.

The visibility ranges from 70 - 100 feet.

There is a great variety of dives among which are the "5 Rocks", where you will encounter 5 huge underwater rocks with splendid coral formations. The good visibility in this area allows you to see a lot of marine life, including lobsters and crab and well-preserved coral.

For those who have not yet been initiated to wall dives there is the Mini Wall At 20 ft. the drop-off is a soft descent to 65 ft. with good visibility all the way.

The Arenaso Reef is great for beginners and certified divers, with its flat reef of sand and coral where there are many caverns and swim troughs. This dive is great for photography.

The Luperon Bay takes you to beautiful elephant ear coarls, sponges and large sea fans. Marine life includes small tropical fish, barracudas, large groupers and snappers while as the Luperon Wall which is a 75 to 130 foot wall dive is for advanced divers.The Luperon Caves, one very popular dive site, with large caves, easy for all levels of certification is 30 feet deep.

Airport Wall is frequented by experienced divers and for that reason, the delicate sponges and fragile fan corals remain unspoiled. With good visibility at a depth of 70 ft, this site features the "little cave" where you can expect to see little cave dwellers such as lobster and eel, who also find refuge in the carpet of coral.
The Caves, two of them to be exact, are recommended for experienced divers yet still give way for very easy maneuverability. Characterized by their grand entrance, they extend approximately 50 ft. in length at a depth of 80ft.

Last but not least for cave diving enthousiasts there is the sunken cargo boat "La Zingara". The Zingara is a 45-meter long cargo ship.

I just wrote a few highligts but you can find more information in the website of the local dive centers.

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