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Dive Reels

Reels are very helpful safety devices which can be used for different cases, but to handle them safely demands proper training. For this reason the techniques of using reels are part of all diving courses which require reels as equipment.
The line length of reels ranges between 10-120m, thickness of the lines is commonly 2mm.
There are different types of reels on the market:

SMB Reels SMB Reels
SMB reels are mainly used to tow surface marker buoys but they are also suited to provide a guide back or distance line and for line searches in open water.
They are normally a bit bigger than penetration reels, because of their trigger grip. The trigger has to be pulled to reel the line up and off. This pistol grips ensure a secure hand hold, but it's hard to carry something else (like a compass or a torch) in the same hand. For this reason the SMB reel can also be attached to the BCD with a snap ring. If you do so, make sure, that the reel doesn't interfere with the functions of your BCD (release straps and clips).

Penetration reels Penetration reels
Penetration reels are designed for line laying to perform special dives, like wreck, cave or ice dives, where they provide a lifeline back to the entrance. They can also be used as SMB reels.
Penetration reels have a small handle, they are carried like a bag and allow to hold a diving light in the same hand. To prevent the spool from releasing the line unnecessarily, the reels come with bold snaps or screw-in locks.

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