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Cheshire Diving

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Cheshire dive guide

Cheshire in the north west of England has a lot of diving schools and clubs. Training is available from beginner to advanced level. The schools and clubs offer dive expeditions for the qualified diver to sites all around the UK. Novices also get the chance to participate as there is a wide variety of shallow suitable dives and inland dive sites adapted to their experience.

Always dive according to your level of training. Never enter the water without checking with the local dive center for safety, additional information, level required for each dive site and without being accompanied by a professional. All the information provided is purely informative for our readers and shouldn't be used as is to plan your immersion.

The Blue Planet, in Ellesmere Port is a Cheshire dive not to miss. This is the biggest aquarium tank in Europe. Here you can dive with sand tiger sharks, lemon sharks and nurse sharks. There are also lots of stingrays in the aquarium. No previous diving experience is required but participants must be over 19 years old. Divers go down in pairs with an instructor who briefs them and they stay underwater 30 minutes. There are not only sharks in the main aquarium. Triggerfish, barracuda, morays and porkfish are some of the fish life to be seen here.

The Blue Planet Aquarium was opened in 1998 and it has 5 theme galleries which contain 5'000 different animals. In these galleries you can see things such as the tidal pool, the UK's biggest piranha exhibit and dart frogs just to mention a few.There's a huge viewing area with acrylic tunnels which take you beneath the water of the huge aquarium to see the marine life inside. Dive expeditions are regularly organised within the UK and overseas. Some outings are possible on the week end but others are done as a week trip.

Some popular sites regularly visited by divers form Cheshire are:

The Isle of Man which has some of the best diving in the UK. There is excellent scenic diving and a collection of exciting wrecks. The marine life is abundant and is a hot spot for seals.

The Lleyn Peninsula has a lot of interesting marine life in an out of the water. The dives go from shallow sheltered areas to steep drop offs and submarine pinnacles that rise from very deep down.

Farne Island, a group of Islands located off the Northumberland cosat has lots of seals. The area is also rich in wrecks and marine life.

St Abbs, Scotland, north of Eyemouth has an extraordinary variety of marine life. The visibility is generally very good and combines with the extraordinary underwater scenery it has some of the best diving in the UK. Out of the water you can see puffins and kittiwakes in the bird reserve.

Lundy Island located off North Devons coast there's a granite outcrop that's 3.5 miles in length and half a mile on width. Lundy was the very first marine reserve to be made in Britain and this accounts for the superb marine life existing here. The scenery is breathtaking both underwater and above. You will encounter the resident seals and have a wide choice of wrecks to choose from.
However, divers must be very cautious because the island is on the edge of the Atlantic and therefore exposed to rough weather conditions. Even on apparently calm days the conditions can instantly change. For this reason only divers with advanced qualifications and experience should attempt diving in this area.

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