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Lancashire Diving

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Lancashire dive guide

Lancashire, located north west of England is bounded to the west by the Irish Sea. The Lancashire diving centers and clubs provide a lot of activities, dive training and certification courses. There are two inland dive sites which have Jackdaw Quarry and the Eccleston Delph Quarry both with interesting attractions.

Always dive according to your level of training. Never enter the water without checking with the local dive center for safety, additional information, level required for each dive site and without being accompanied by a professional. All the information provided is purely informative for our readers and shouldn't be used as is to plan your immersion.
There are scuba diving clubs in Lancashire whose members meet mostly once a week. During these get togethers they look at options for club outings to other parts of the UK or abroad and also enjoy a barbeque in the summer months.
The Red Sea being close is a quite popular destination especially for liveaboard trips.

The diving schools conduct scuba classes at various levels. Certification is available from different certification agencies. Most centers offer pool training and the students can then go to do their first open water dives in the quarry, in the coastal areas of the UK or even abroad.

Lancashire inland dive sites:

Jackdaw Quarry on Capernwray Road is an inland quarry with a depth of maximum 22 metres max (65 feet). Many of the wrecks are between 6-15 metres (20-49 feet). The wrecks include 6 boats, 2 helicopters and a Cessna plane.
The wreck of a former mine sweeper and HMS Podsnap make interesting dives. As a majority of the wrecks are quite shallow its perfect for newly certified divers. 2 enormous cartoon horses and a gnome garden are also part of what you can see underwater. There are gas fill on place (air. trimix and nitrox). This site is suitable for both beginners and advanced divers.
The visibility can vary between 5 metres (15 feet) to 15 metres (49 feet).

The Eccleston Delph Quarry is located on Halfpenny Lane. It's an inland training site with a depth of maximum 22 metres (72 feet). There is a number of underwater wrecks and attractions.
The visibility
isn't so good, about 2 metres (6 feet), torches are necessary. Usually used for training and there are lines leading to the sunken objects which makes navigation easier.

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