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Dominican Republic dive guide

Dominican Republic diving

Dominican Republic diving is posssible all year round and offers abundant fish life, coral and dive sites. Located on the Caribbean's second largest island, the Dominican Republic occupies two-thirds of Hispaniola.

Average annual temperature: Between 18°C and 27ºC. 
Average Water surface temperature: Between 25-29°C. A 3mm “shorty” wetsuit is recommended except for rainy days and multiple diving a 3mm "full wetsuit" would be better.

Coldest time: January to March
Warmest time: October to December

Possible to dive all year round
Best time to dive: June to September 
Worst time to dive:Rainy seasons which are October - May on the north coast and May - October in the south. 
Visibility average: between 15 - 30m

Dominican Republic diving boasts hundreds of tropical fish, coral and plant life. The grouper and porcupine fish are frequently seen. There are brightly coloured fan corals on the reefs and you may spot whale sharks, mantas, and playful dolphins. 

Manatees are found in the mangrove forests and humpback whales in the Bay of Samana end of February, beginning of March. 
The Dominican Republic also has plenty of wrecks to explore including the Hickory and Limon Wrecks, in the underwater national park of Santo Domingo. The "Limon", a 115 feet tug boat, and the famous "Hickory", a 130 feet transport freighter are both lying at 60 feet.

In the region of Boca Chica cave diving can be done in the cave systems. These systems of caves and tunnels are following the former coastline of the Dominican Republic millions of years ago.

Many of the dive sites are found in the underwater park at La Caleta, which boasts brightly colored fan and Elkhorn coral. The area also attracts whale sharks, mantas and dolphins

I just wrote a few highlights but you can find more in the regional pages or in the dive center and liveaboard websites.

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