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Diving maskThe scuba mask is your window to the underwater world.
There is a wide variety of masks available on the market, with one glass or two, big volume or small, side windows, purge valves, optical lenses and much more.

To be suitable for scuba diving they have to fulfill the following requirements:
  • They have to be made with tempered glass to avoid injuries, because tempered glass does not splinter when it breaks.
  • They must enclose the nose to enable equalizing inside the mask, to prevent suctioning on the face and squeezing of the eyes during the descent. For this reason swimming goggles are not suitable for scuba diving.
  • The mask body should be made of high grade silicone with comfortable seals, the strap has to be flexible and easy to adjust with the strap fasteners.

The mask is a really personal part of the equipment, everybody has a different head and face shape.
The most important is to find a mask that fits well. No matter what color or price, don't buy a mask without making sure before, that it's comfortably fitting to your face. A leaking or pressing mask will spoil your dives.
To find out, if the mask is water tight, put it on your face without fastening it with the strap and inhale through your nose to suck it to your face. While holding the breath, the mask should stick to your face and not fall off.

To get advice ask the instructors, or share your opinions with other divers in the diving equipment forum.
Look at the diving center directory to find a dive shop or diving center in your region.

All information and opinions provided are general and no substitute for professional advice. Always check with your diving instructor what fits best to your personal needs and to your level of training.

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